Global Field Experiences (GFEs)

Darden Global Leadership Exploration in Tanzania

What are Darden Global Field Experiences?

Global Field Experiences (GFEs) are MBA electives that give small teams of students the opportunity to provide consulting services to an international company or organization while working closely with a Darden faculty member. At the beginning or end of each course, you will visit the company on location to build on-the-ground knowledge and to scope the issue at hand. GFEs are managed by the Darden Center for Global Initiatives (DCGI).

Why should you consider doing a Global Field Experience?

Participating in a GFE will help you build your leadership and business skills in a truly global setting. You will work with clients from a different country and culture, navigate the nature of virtual work teams across borders and boundaries, and ultimately gain hands-on experience in the practical nature of global business.

GFEs also give you access to working with a Darden professor in a small group setting and allow you to put into practice what you learn in the Darden classroom.

Examples of Darden Global Field Experiences

While GFEs will change from year to year, below is a list of examples of previous and current GFE opportunities:

World Bicycle Relief (Zambia)

The Zambia program resulted from a collaboration with World Bicycle Relief, a nonprofit organization that has distributed more than 100,000 bicycles and trained more than 750 bike mechanics in developing countries and was a semi-finalist for the Schwab Foundation’s 2013 Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The organization’s success demanded a model for financing in the rapid growth market of Zambia, and World Bicycle Relief recruited a team of Darden students to work on the issue. Read about one recent student's experience on this GFE in our Global Voices blog.

Darden World Bicycle Relief Global Field Experience in Zambia

PRONicaragua and the National Chamber of Leather Footwear (Nicaragua)

PRONicaragua — a non-profit, public-private institution whose mission is to generate economic growth and job creation in Nicaragua by attracting high-quality foreign direct investment —requested a team of students to work with the National Chamber of Leather Footwear and related goods with a focus on drafting an export strategy plan to break into the U.S. market.

Alzheimer’s Family Assistance and Branchless Banking (Tunisia)

In Tunisia Darden students teamed up with peers from the Mediterranean School of Business to develop business plans that will bring support to families facing Alzheimer’s disease and branchless banking to Tunisians for the first time.

Global Sustainability in Practice (Philippines)

Low-income economies face deep challenges of poverty and unemployment that require them to employ innovative approaches and instruments to achieve sustainable growth without further stressing and degrading natural resources. The goal of this GFE is to apply business and sustainability principles and holistic and participatory approaches to solve persistent economic and environmental problems in a rural village in the Philippines.

The World Bank (Tanzania)

The World Bank requested a team of students to work with the Bank on a project to promote growth and economic development through access to practical information technology training and education for area residents.

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