International Perspective in the Case Method

In addition to Global Business Experiences and Darden’s exchange programs that take place outside the United States, international issues and perspectives are integrated into the case method in a couple of ways:

International Content in the Curriculum 

Darden has many courses that specifically focus on international issues, such as "Emerging Markets Finance" and "Management of International Business." In addition, most core courses and electives also use internationally focused cases throughout the quarter.

Ryan Lowe"A lot of our cases deal with events or issues outside the United States. We’ve discussed situations that include the effects of oil exploration in Africa, publishing of literature that could be viewed as offensive to Islam, and creating a non-profitable drug to cure disease in developing economies. These conversations force us to modify the US-centric point of view that can naturally develop in an American business school classroom, and think more critically about the potential impacts of our recommendation in other countries." - Ryan Lowe, Class of 2015 

International Perspectives in the Classroom

Since the Darden School teaches through the case method and class time is therefore spent in lively discussions, all student viewpoints and input are critical to the learning experience. Approximately one-third of Darden students were born outside of the United States and have significant international experience. Their perspectives and knowledge of global business issues, conduct and cultures enhances the overall learning for everyone.  

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