LGBT Community at Darden

Darden has a strong and supportive community for LGBT students.

Pride at Darden (PAD)

Pride at Darden (PAD) is a student-run organization that fosters a supportive environment for the LGBT community. The following videos feature several members of the club as they discuss the strong network in place for LGBT Darden students:

To learn more about events, recruiting opportunities and social events that the club puts on each year, visit the PAD website.

Annual “Love is Love” Event

Each year, the Darden School plans and participates in the yearly “Love is Love” event, which is focused on promoting inclusion of the LGBT community both at Darden and in the workplace. The power of its message is its simplicity: regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion, all relationships are equal. Learn more about the 2012 “Love is Love” event.  

Love is Love 2012

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