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Prospective Students

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Considering Darden as the institution to facilitate the advancement of your career?

The members of the Black Business Student Forum are excited to tell you more about the Darden community. Our members come from all walks of life. From consulting to education, from engineering to marketing, our members have a strong presence here at Darden. In addition to our involvement with the BBSF, our members are also involved in (among others) the General Management & Operations Club, Net Impact, the Real Estate Club, the Marketing Club and the International Business Society.


Darden is a community that requires a high level of engagement. Between learning teams and class discussions, student clubs and group projects, Darden creates an environment that stretches students and their ability to interact with others unlike themselves. Our community extends beyond the rigor of the case-based curriculum and classroom environment. Whether it be lunches with the Dean and Faculty, giving back to the local community or socializing during First Coffee, Darden students are always interacting with one another.


Business professionals recognize and respect the Darden as one of the premier MBA programs. Regardless of your career interest and background, your Darden experience will help move you towards your career goals. The BBSF is dedicated to help its members prepare for the recruiting process by developing resume and cover letter workshops as well as mock interview sessions. The BBSF provides a strong support base for its members as they explore internship and full-time opportunities.


The MBA experience helps students build a network that will last a lifetime. The BBSF helps students build their networks through multiple activities including the Lessons in Leadership Speaker Series and the BBSF Conference. Furthermore, Darden has an active and accessible alumni base that spans the globe. We also encourage our members to be actively engaged in not only the BBSF but also the Darden and Charlottesville communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s Charlottesville like?
A: Charlottesville is a great city. It’s smaller than the metropolitan areas from which many of us have come, but once you’re here, it is easy to see why it was voted one of the top places to live.

Q: What’s the culture like? Will I fit in?
A: Darden and UVA have a strong com-mitment to community. We are proud of our Honor Code, which is a part of every-thing we do, and our curriculum lends itself to constant communication with others from all over the world. Finally, we are normal people! We are all balancing life outside of Darden and understand the need to have fun and relax.

Admitted Students

As you make your transition to graduate school, we advise that you take time to do the following:

  1. Take time off between leaving your job and coming to school. Darden will start in earnest on day one. Be sure to take time to rest and relax.
  2. Focus on what you would like to get out of this experience. The answer may seem obvious (like getting a job). However, there are so many activities to be involved in, so to ensure you make the best of your experience, have a clear plan.
  3. Continue thinking about the career you would like to have after Darden. Even though you will have just left one career, you will be asked early on to make choices about your next career. Furthermore, once you are here, don’t be afraid to change your mind if another option seems more appealing.
  4. Start building your personal network. The Darden alumni network is very strong. Alumni pride themselves on remaining “high touch” even after graduation. Take some time to meet Darden alumni in your area.
  5. Reach out to current students. We are all willing to answer your questions honestly. You have worked hard to get into graduate school. Now you must transition into a new lifestyle, and there are many questions to be answered. We’ve all been there, and we want to help make your transition to Darden as smooth as possible.

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