Building Goodness in April

How to Help


We are currently accepting community referrals for BGiA’s 2014 Autumn Project and 2015 April Build Day. Please email the address below to refer a home in need of repair.

There are a number of ways to support the BGiA mission. Just some of the opportunities available are:

  • A tax-deductible cash gift.
  • A pledge over a one, two, or three year period.
  • Donation of goods (building supplies, tools, food for volunteers).
  • Volunteer on Rebuild Day

For more information, contact us.  

What Your Donations Can Do

Your donation will help Building Goodness in April fill a much-needed gap, supporting low-income, elderly and disabled citizens. Despite the widespread wealth in this country, the need for our services in the Charlottesville community is still vast. Thus, your patronage along with the support of other generous individuals and organizations, will ensure that your neighbors will enjoy comfort, safety, and warmth in their homes.

Who Sponsors BGiA?

Funds come from corporations, individuals, small businesses, foundations, civic organizations, government grants, religious organizations and our close ties with the Darden Business School – all of whom are interested in helping build a stronger Charlottesville community. 

Is There A Charge For BGiA’s Services?

No. All repairs are free. Our work is done with families, not for them. Homeowners and family members are asked to participate as extensively as possible (given special needs) in the rehabilitation of their house.

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