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Darden Capital Management’s primary goal is to prepare Darden students for careers in investment management as described on our homepage. We offer several avenues of interaction with the members of Darden Capital Management as a means to bridge the gap between campus and professional investment management.

As employers you can reach Darden Capital Management’s membership by:

  • Making a presentation to our club in the form of on-campus functional workshops
  • Hosting a cocktail hour with selected members of our club
  • Posting a job listing within Darden’s online career development site
  • Making a formal briefing open to all Darden students as part of formal recruiting
  • Holding on-campus interviews as part of formal recruiting

These activities can be arranged through Jack Oakes, Darden Capital Management’s Career Development Consultant. Jack can be reached directly at 434-924-7686, or electronically at oakesj@darden.virginia.edu. Jack is Director of the Career Development Center. A Darden graduate, Jack received an MBA/MA in East Asian Studies in 1989 and spent the majority of his corporate career in marketing in consumer goods at Procter and Gamble and financial services at T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason.

Darden is committed to placing its graduates within the field of investment management.

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