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Darden Capital Management has several resources for helping students learn how to pitch a stock and to evaluate investment ideas. The presentation and framework are designed to help students:

  • Generate Ideas
  • Research Companies
  • Analyze Industries
  • Develop a Thesis
  • Reach a Price Target

The two resources available are: Darden Capital Management Framework and Darden Capital Management Guide to Pitching a Stock. For any questions about DCM Resources or DCM Research in general, email Chris Lawrence - Director of Research

The Advisor

Current Issue: Fall 2012

The Advisor is a newsletter dedicated to highlighting the activities of Darden Capital Management, a student run club responsible for managing approximately $6.2 million of Darden’s endowment. Each edition features a Q&A session with an asset manager, a review of the funds’ activities and holdings as well as several stock pitches from our classmates.

This newsletter has two objectives: to raise awareness of Darden Capital Management and to contribute to Darden’s recognition as a high-caliber finance and asset management school. The publication will be distributed electronically four times a year, positioned so that we can reflect on the prior quarter’s activity.

The newsletter is distributed electronically to the current Darden community, members of the Darden Foundation investment committee, Darden and UVA alumni working in the asset management industry, prior Darden Capital Management Portfolio Managers and contacts of Darden Capital Management members.

We look forward to sharing the activities of Darden Capital Management.

To be added to the electronic distribution list send an e-mail to Sam Hutchings.

The Advisor Archive

Berkshire Hathaway

Each year eight students from both first and second year are invited to travel to Omaha, Nebraska to attend the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting thanks to the generous donation of a Darden alumnus.

If you are interested in learning more about the shareholder meeting please visit http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/.

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