Darden Capital Management


DVIC is an annual stock pitch competition held on Darden grounds during UVIC. DVIC features students from a range of top MBA programs interested in careers in investment management, investment research, and wealth advisory. If you are interested in sponsoring or being involved with DVIC, please contact Christine Brown (BrownC15@darden.virginia.edu) or Sam Hutchings (HutchingsS15@darden.virginia.edu).

DVIC offers sponsors the opportunity to network with top MBA talent and a high degree of visibility at the University of Virginia Investing Conference (UVIC) as well as free admission to UVIC. UVIC is an annual industry investing conference held on Darden’s Grounds at the University of Virginia. Last year we held a thought-provoking conference that convened over 600 U.S. and global attendees, including professional asset managers, private investors, and University of Virginia students, faculty and staff.

For more information on UVIC:  http://www.darden.virginia.edu//web/CAM/UVIC/Home/

Looking for other ways to participate?

  • Provide DVIC competition judges
  • Attend UVIC
  • Hold networking events at Darden

For additional information or Darden, DVIC, or Darden Capital Management, please reach out to DCM Co-President and COO, Christine Brown. BrownC15@darden,virginia.edu


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