Community Consultants of Darden

For First Year Consultants

Why Join CCoD?

CCoD is the only student organization at Darden that enables students to work on high-impact consulting engagements with local businesses and non-profit organizations.  CCoD provides First Year Consultants with an invaluable experiential learning opportunity to apply concepts garnered in class to solve challenging business issues in the local community.

Member Benefits:

  • Gain practical consulting experience
  • Make a difference in the Charlottesville community
  • Learn about the non-profit and small business sectors
  • Interact with Second Years and network with CCoD alumni
  • Apply concepts learned in the FY curriculum

FY Consultant Description

As a First Year Consultant, you will be responsible for delivering results to CCoD clients.  In teams of five to six people led by a Second Year Partner, you will play an active role in all aspects of CCoD consulting engagements, from scoping the project to gathering and analyzing data and delivering recommendations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting client interviews to assess client needs
  • Defining the scope of the engagement
  • Forming hypotheses to address the business challenge
  • Gathering and analyzing data to test hypotheses
  • Developing strategic and tactical recommendations for implementation
  • Presenting findings to the client

Application Process & Selection Criteria

Applications for First Year Consultants are typically due by the end of September.  This provides First Years with ample time to adjust to life at Darden, explore other student organizations, and determine if CCoD is a good fit.  Applications consist of background information and written essays.

CCoD does not require any specific work experience from applicants (prior consulting experience is not required).  CCoD seeks applicants with diverse backgrounds and the following attributes:

  • Commitment towards CCoD's mission
  • Self-starter; highly organized
  • Results-driven
  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Team Player
  • Client-focused


"Through CCoD I was looking to complement my classroom learnings with client-facing, real world application, participate in the larger Charlottesville community, and support local businesses and organizations. I was thrilled to achieve all of this, as well as the unexpected benefit of forming close bonds with new classmates. I highly recommend CCoD for any FY looking for similar experiences.”  

Clare Seekins, Darden Class of 2014  

"CCoD was perhaps the most valuable experience for me at Darden.  Getting outside academia and simulated business projects, I was able to apply the tools I was learning at Darden in real time for local businesses.  Serving as a First Year Team Manager, I received legitimate leadership experience, improving my abilities to delegate, to organize and to gain stakeholder confidence."

Matthew Weiss, Darden Class of 2011
Finance Manager, Disney Theme Parks & Resorts

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