Community Consultants of Darden

Join Us

CCoD members are first and second year Darden students with experience in a wide variety of fields.  Members are asked to donate one to two hours a week over a five month period.  Project teams are staffed with one second-year Partner, and six first-year team members.

CCoD recruits members who possess the following characteristics:

  • Desire to volunteer time and skills to benefit the Charlottesville community
  • Commitment to delivering outstanding service to CCoD clients
  • Willingness to share business and classroom experiences to benefit our clients and fellow CCoD members
  • Interest in gaining practical consulting experience
  • Openness to learning new business and leadership skills from clients and peers

FY Consultants:

To apply, please contact the VP of Human Resources or attend the Darden Club Fair to sign-up for the CCoD distribution list.

SY Partners:

To apply, please contact the VP of Human Resources.

Prospective Clients:

To request a project, please contact the VP of Business Development.

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