Community Consultants of Darden

CCoD 2014-2015 Leadership Team

Jason Mollengarden

Jason is responsible for ensuring CCoD executes on its mission to provide high quality consulting services to Charlottesville and the surrounding community and to provide on-the-job experience to Darden students.  As a “Double Hoo,” Jason was excited to return to UVA grounds and work with CCoD on the project for the International Rescue Committee in Spring 2014.  Prior to Darden, Jason spent five years working in litigation consulting with AlixPartners, LLP, focusing on corporate investigations and expert witness support.  During the summer, Jason will be working with Bain & Company in their Atlanta office.  Outside of school, Jason enjoys watching and playing sports, travel, and hiking.


Ryan Lowe
VP of Business Development

Ryan Lowe, VP of Business Development, is responsible for connecting with the Charlottesville community to source projects for the coming year. In 2014, Ryan was part of a CCOD team that worked with the International Rescue Committee’s Charlottesville chapter to help improve the performance of their interpretation services. After growing up in Europe, Ryan attended Yale University where he graduated with a degree in history. Prior to Darden, Ryan worked on marketing and product management at FMC Corporation. Over the coming summer, Ryan will be focusing on business development for Danaher. Outside of school and work, he enjoys soccer, sailing and mountain climbing.


Laura Redden
VP of Program Development

Laura Redden, VP of Program Development, is responsible for the training and development of the CCoD consulting teams.  During the 2014-2015 school year, she led a CCoD team that worked with a local fund interested in starting an incubator.  The team did a viability study and provided a model recommendation for the incubator.  Prior to Darden, Laura ran girls’ leadership programming for a youth development nonprofit in New York City and worked on special projects with the CFO of an international health organization.  She attended Vassar College where she studied Africana Studies and History and played lacrosse and rugby.  Laura will spend her summer with Accenture’s strategy practice in Chicago.


Archana Rao
VP of Marketing 

Archana Rao, VP of Marketing, is responsible for spreading the word about CCoD to both Darden Students and the Charlottesville community.  Having been a Teach for India fellow, maximizing holistic student achievement and championing women empowerment in low income communities, Archana was excited about working on the CCOD project with the International Rescue Committee. Prior to Darden, she also worked in IT project management and corporate sustainability at HSBC post pursuing electronics and telecommunication engineering. She will spend the summer consulting with the Boston Consulting Group in Houston, Texas. She enjoys blogging and cartooning.


Brian Ward
VP of Human Resources  

As VP of Human Resources, Brian is responsible for the First Year Consultant and Second Year Partner recruitment and selection processes. In 2014, Matt led a team of First Year Consultants who worked to help Charlottesville Multisports develop and organize a financial model, conduct market analysis for potential sponsors, and create a post-race feedback survey.  Prior to Darden, he joined Teach For America and taught 7th grade mathematics at Loch Raven Academy in Baltimore. This past summer, Brian interned with Deloitte Consulting in their McLean office. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  Outside of school, Brian enjoys playing sports (including all Darden Cup Events), traveling to professional baseball stadiums, and watching the Food Network.


Porter Williams
VP of Finance & Operations

In 2014, Porter worked with a CCoD team to help Three Notch’d, a local brewery, analyze bottling machine suppliers and the costs associated with implementing bottling technology.  After graduating from Vanderbilt University in 2010, Porter worked in Nashville with the Army Corps of Engineers.  This past summer, Porter interned with The Boston Consulting Group in their Dallas office.  As VP of Finance, Porter is responsible for managing CCoD’s budget, including managing the fees process with clients.  Outside of school, Porter enjoys college sports (Roll Tide) and taking advantage of outdoors activities around Charlottesville.

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