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Family Committee


Getting settled can be a bit tricky when you have little ones to think about, so please look to the DPA as a friendly resource you can call upon at any time. The Family Committee's purpose is to provide many family-friendly activities during the year for you and your children so you can make new friends and celebrate the unique Darden experience. We also want to help you familiarize yourself with Charlottesville and all it has to offer families.


Please see our 2008/2009 Family Resource Guide — A useful list of family activities and resources in and around Charlottesville. Learn about more "Family Fun" activities.

DPA Family and Kid-friendly Activities

  • Field trips, play dates, parties, picnics, lunch dates and study breaks with their student parent.
  • Interested in joining a weekly play group so your child may have an opportunity to cultivate more personal friendships with other kids their age? E-mail Dana.
  • And we’d love to know your children’s birth month and year so that we can recognize them on their birthdays. E-mail that information to Dana, too!
  • For the Expectant Parents, please e-mail Dana if you are interested in the following:
    • We will provide you with Albemarle Family’s All About Baby Guide, a comprehensive listing of services for expecting and new parents in the Charlottesville area.
    • When you bring your new baby home from the hospital, let us provide you with dinner for two weeks! E-mail your due date so we know (kind of ) when to prepare to rev up our volunteer DPA cooks for your service. Having a new baby in your home is exhausting, so believe us when we tell you you’ll want to take advantage of this offer!

School and Child Care Recommendations

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