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International Committee


The International Committee organizes activities to meet the needs of international partners and their families. It serves as a resource for information and assistance for international partners. The International Committee's primary goals are to:

  • Support international partners as they settle in professionally, personally, socially and psychologically during their stay in Charlottesville.
  • Serve as a resource for information and assistance.
  • Promote international culture and share different cultural backgrounds.
  • Plan activities to help international partners integrate with other partners while helping them come together as a community.

Job Opportunities for International Partners

There are many job opportunities in the United States. However, if you are an International Partner you will need a work visa to be able to work in this country.
F2 visa holders are not allowed to have a job in the United States.
For any questions on what your visa status allows you to do please contact the International Students Office
Furthermore, shortly after the beginning of the school year at Darden, there will be an Orientation Session for International Partners where you can clear all your doubts. For more information about the Orientation, its location, date and time, look into the Events page on the Darden Partners Association

Volunteer Opportunities in Charlottesville

Throughout the year, there are a great number of volunteer opportunities in Charlottesville. Since the majority of international partners hold a visa that does not allow them to work in the United States, these volunteering activities have traditionally been very interesting ways to keep up your professional skills while helping the community. If you want further information, you can contact the Community Service Chair, please refer to this webpage to get familiar with the 2012 - 2013 Leadership Team.

Please keep in mind that not all unpaid work is considered volunteer work. If you have any questions about your visa status and whether it allows you to take up a certain activity, please contact the International Students Office.

Studying at UVA

There are several academic opportunities at UVA. If you are interested in studying full time at this great University, you should look into UVA’s website and find out about application processes and specific requirements for your field of study. Note that the application process may take several months, so make sure you check early.
To study full time in the United States you will need a student visa which will have different requirements than the more common F2.
If you hold an F2 visa you will not be allowed to study full time while you are staying in the United States. However, you may choose to take non-credit courses. UVA, for example, offers a good number of non-credit courses. For more information, please refer to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies 


Building and maintaining a healthy credit history for international students is very important to stay and live in the United States. Refer to this webpage for more information .

Car / Transportation 

You can buy a car through a dealer or from an individual. The local newspaper lists advertisements for cars for sale by individuals http://www.dailyprogress.com. The DPA website has a classifieds group where you might find graduate students selling their cars. The University also provides University Transportation Service (public transportation) on and off campus. It is convenient, since it is hard to park in some areas of the University.

Housing / Furniture

Refer to the housing information on the DPA website. Review the terms of the rental contract carefully, since they might differ from your home country’s practices. As for furniture, the Classifieds group on the DPA webpage may have some postings of graduate students selling their furniture.

Driver's License / Photo ID

In the United States, the ID card and driver's license are the official personal identification documents. Please visit the DMV website for details. To obtain a driver’s license it is necessary to pass two tests — one written and one practical. The written test is based on the Virginia Driver’s Manual, which you can find here.

Even if you don’t plan on having your driver’s tests right away, we suggest that you read this manual to familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations in Virginia. Having a United States driver’s license or ID card may simplify some processes in your day-to-day life. For further information ask for help from Marsh Pattie, Director of Student Affairs or visit the International Students Office webpage.

Medical Insurance 

Medical care is very expensive, so it is vital that families purchase individual insurance plans if they will not have them through an employer. Full-time students are required by the University to enroll in an insurance plan. Many options are available: school-sponsored insurance (provided by UVA and Darden through a variety of insurance companies) or coverage provided by international student associations in the United States. Carefully review the fees and coverage of the contract.


You can always find activities at UVA through the online student calendar. There is also information about things to do on the Relocation section of the DPA website.

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