Darden Student Association

The DSA Team


President — Heidi Davies

The president leads the Darden Student Association, which represents the interests and concerns of the Darden student body. The president is active in all DSA initiatives and serves on various student, faculty and administrative committees including the MBA Policy and MBA Advisory Committees.

E-mail: DaviesH15@darden.virginia.edu   

Executive Vice President — Lee Robertson

The executive vice president serves as a conduit between the administration and the students, voicing student concerns and addressing student issues. The EVP also coordinates all schoolwide elections and the First Year/Second Year end-of-year survey. The EVP serves on the MBA Advisory Committee, an advising body to the administration comprising students, faculty and administration.

E-mail: RobertsonL15@darden.virginia.edu   

Vice President of Finance — Zachary Upcheshaw

The VP of finance disburses Darden Student Association funds to the various DSA activities and events and works with peers in the DSA leadership to establish the allocation of DSA fees.

E-mail: UpcheshawZ15@darden.virginia.edu 

Student Council Representative — Joshua Francis

The Student Council representative acts as liaison between Darden and the UVA Student Council, the University’s student-led governing body, to promote Darden’s interests and to provide the Darden Community with information regarding University issues. Additionally, the Student Council representative chairs the Club Council of Presidents and serves as the voice of the Club Presidents on the DSA, acting as liaison between the two groups.


Vice President of Diversity and International — Monica Jasty

The VP of diversity and international focuses on student concerns and issues regarding diversity including student admissions, career placement and alumni relations. This VP diversity and international also serves on the MBA advisory committee and the Diversity Student Advisory Group.

E-mail: JastyM15@darden.virginia.edu 

Vice President of Honor — William Saxton

The VP of honor serves on the UVA Honor Committee that oversees honor cases and defines policy and honor-related initiatives that affect the University. The VP of honor is a resource to faculty and students on Honor Code issues and education.


Vice President of Social — Rachel Penny

The VP of social plans and organizes all entertainment and social events run by the DSA, including Cold Calls, tailgates before UVA football games and major events like the Holiday Ball and Darden’s annual outing to the Foxfield Races.

E-mail:  PennyR15@darden.virginia.edu 

Vice President of Athletics — Alexander Monroe

The VP of athletics coordinates athletic events including intramurals, MBA Invitationals and section events for students, staff and faculty throughout the academic year. In addition, this person also serves on the athletic committee.

E-mail:  MonroeA15@darden.virginia.edu 

Vice President of Technology — Anant Sharma

The VP of technology/CIO acts as student liaison to Darden Technical Services, advising on technology issues such as portal improvements, intranet features and ways that students use technology to learn, communicate and share information. In addition, the VP of technology manages the online payment system and Darden e-mail flow.


Vice President of Outreach — Ryan Havermann

The VP of outreach support events sponsored by the outreach community service organization and identify new opportunities for all Darden students, faculty and partners to contribute their resources and talents to the Charlottesville community.

E-mail: HavermannR15@darden.virginia.edu


Vice President of Careers — William Bond

The Vice President of Careers shall act as the primary student liaison to the Center for Career Development (CDC). The Vice President of Careers will actively solicit student feedback and implement initiatives in concert with the elected First Year and Second Year CDC Representatives. The Vice President of Careers will participate in the Career International Advisory Group and other permanent or ad hoc CDC committees, as required.

E-mail: BondW15@darden.virginia.edu 



University Judiciary Representative — Gen Izutsu and Robert Foster

The University Judiciary Committee (UJC) is authorized to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the University's Standards of Conduct.

E-mail: IzutsuG15@darden.virginia.edu & FosterR15@darden.virginia.edu 

Darden Honor Representative — Alyssa Heilman and William Saxton

The Honor Representative's primary responsibility is to represent Darden on the UVA Honor Committee, which entails weekly policy meetings and periodic service on investigative panels and trials.

E-mail:  HeilmanA15@darden.virginia.edu & SaxtonW15@darden.virginia.edu 

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