Education Club at Darden




Class of 2014 Class of 2015
Kyrsten Brea Joyce Arcangeli
Stacey Cruz Jose Aguirre
Amanda Dagg Bradley Brewer
Christine Dreas Peter Corkum
Bryan Furman Yichen Feng
Atu Koffie-Lart Matthew Graham
Kristie Lee Gaines Johnson
Jeremy Levine Daniel Katz
Catherine Manfre Helena Kim
Inbal Reichman Cohen Lydia Kim
Balu Jaidev Sreekumar Kat O'Neil
Sarah Wilson Roberson Oliveira

Emily Yee

Laura Redden

Ravi Smith

Abigail Rossetti
Abhishek Kumar Rafe Steinhauer    
Chirag Jain Brian Ward
  Jordan Willis

Executive Officers 2013-2014

 Kat O'Neil, President   

Kat graduated from Duke University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in History. After graduation, Kat taught High School Spanish in Washington, D.C. with Teach for America. Following her Teach for America commitment, Kat taught Middle School Spanish at an international private school in Seoul, South Korea. At the University of Virginia, Kat is a dual degree student in the Darden and Curry program, Innovation in Education Reform. At Darden, Kat is an active member of the Education, Net Impact and Building Goodness in April clubs. This summer, Kat will be interning as a Graduate Fellow with Education Pioneers in San Francisco, CA. EMAIL

 Gaines Johnson, Vice President – Finance & Membership

Gaines was born in Texas and has lived all over the Southeast. Following a stint at the White House and United States Treasury, Gaines joined Teach For America in 2009 and moved to Houston, Texas. After four years at the original KIPP Academy in Houston as a 5th grade history teacher and grade-level chair, Gaines decided to pursue an MBA and M.ED at UVA. He plans to pursue opportunities in education consulting following his time at Darden. Gaines' wonderful wife, Mary Katherine, is currently the President of the Darden Partners Association. In his free time .... actually, Gaines has very little free time :). EMAIL

 Rafe Steinhauer, Vice President – Careers & Networking       

After graduating from Princeton in 2007, Rafe taught at a boys' rehabilitation school in Nairobi. Upon returning stateside, Rafe cofounded a fundraising software company and a tutoring small business, worked for two other startups, and played semi-professional Ultimate Frisbee. He is pursuing a dual MBA/MEd degree, interning with Building Excellent Schools (and charter incubator) this summer, and hoping to coach the Knicks after Darden. EMAIL



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