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Although Darden does not offer any courses specifically related to education at this time, it may be possible to take a course or two at the Curry School of Education (barring approval).  A few courses that may prove useful include:


  • School & Community Relations (EDLF 778)
  • School Finance (EDLF 783)
  • School Law (EDLF 875)
  • Intro to Supervision and Instruction (EDLF 881) 


  • Leadership for Low Performing Schools (EDLF 589)
  • Public School Administration (EDLF 776)
  • Human Resource Management (EDLF 777)

The entire list of EDLF (Educational Leadership and Foundations) courses that were available in the Fall of 2008 can be found at There are also three other types of courses that you may want to explore and those can be found at .

Again, the club is not recommending that you take courses at Curry or that you necessarily take the ones listed above, it only wants to make you aware of what is available, so long as the courses meet Darden’s approval requirements.


Education Pioneers will be at Darden on September 30.  More info.

Kaplan is looking for SYs to join its Higher Education Director Development Program. Representatives will be at the SY Networking night on September 30 and resumes are due by October 2. 

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