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EMDC 2013 - 2014 Leadership Team


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President - Chirag Jain

CJ spent four years as an energy sector consultant focused on the North American power markets. In his spare time he volunteered with an inner-city mentorship program in D.C. working with at-risk youth.

He discovered his passion for emerging economies through his first-hand experience of the 1998 South East Asian financial crisis, as well as his summer work with a social enterprise based in the brothels of Calcutta. Through his work with Freeset, CJ found a passion for blending value-creating business with meaningful social change.




VP Events 2013V.P. Events - Rohan Poojara

After living in India until the age of eighteen, Rohan moved to the United States to pursue his undergraduate studies at Washington and Lee University. Since graduating, Rohan has worked as an analyst at an investment bank, a consultant to an urban public school system and an economic policy researcher at a think tank.

In his free time, Rohan volunteered as an Analyst at a community development financial institution in Washington, DC. Before starting his MBA he also spent three months working with a microfinance institution in Cambodia.




VP Finance 2013

V.P. Finance - Andrew Massaro

Since graduating from UNC with a History degree in 2007, Andrew has waited tables, taught English, duped border officials and led non-profits in five different countries.   Despite his love for flip-flops, Andrew plans on embracing the corporate suit as soon as anyone will let him.  Besides studying the ISLM model, Andrew’s interests include overeating, talking about airplanes, losing cell phones and writing short bios for affinity group websites.





VP Careers 2013

V.P. Careers - Sylvester Fejokwu

After spending most of his childhood living in Nigeria, Sylvester moved back to the States to attend college at the University of Rochester. Upon graduating from college, Sylvester moved to New York City to pursue a career in Investment Consulting. As an Investment Consultant, Sylvester provided multi-national corporations with investment recommendations for their employee pension assets. Sylvester took particular pleasure in helping companies navigate the challenges associated with offering viable retirement investment options to employees working in countries with undeveloped capital markets, many in emerging countries.

Outside of work and school, Sylvester enjoys traveling and attending local concerts.



VP Communications 2013

 V.P. Communications - Kyle Simmons

Kyle Simmons is pursuing his MBA at the Darden Graduate School of Business. Prior to Darden, he worked as a Consultant at Bain & Company in Atlanta and as a Consultant with TechnoServe in Nigeria. At Bain Kyle worked with a variety of corporate clients across many industries and also spent 18 months in Bain's private equity practice where he conducted due diligence and provided post-investment support to portfolio companies. With TechnoServe, Kyle led an effort to launch their Nigerian office and designed their first economic development program in Nigeria. 

While at Darden, Kyle is a Co-Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Society, is an officer in the Emerging Markets Development Club, and is starting his own business. Along with Rohan and CJ, Kyle is also passionate about identifying opportunities for Darden to partner with impact investors to provide a mutually beneficial service.

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