Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club


Q1. What is the EVC?

EVC is short for "The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club at Darden", a independent student organization at The Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club serves as a focal point for students and alumni interested in accessing the various entrepreneurial avenues available in the Charlottesville community and Mid-Atlantic region. A single club represents both disciplines because they work so closely together – entrepreneurs work with venture capitalists to secure funding, while VCs work with entrepreneurs to find promising investment opportunities.

Q2. What is your relationship with the Batten Institute?

The Batten Institute is the Darden "Center of Excellence" that focuses on entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.  Batten's mission and that of EVC are very much aligned.  As a result, Batten is a sponsor and partner with EVC to help students prepare for starting companies (stand-alone or within a corporation), raising funds, and operating a small enterprise.  Batten provides valuable resources to EVC that enhance our ability to achieve our mission.  For that we are both fortunate and grateful.

Q3. What is EVC's mission?

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club at Darden works to develop the entrepreneurial and venture capital passion and capability of Darden students and alumni, and to present them with opportunities to realize their goals of participating, owning and/or starting businesses through further education, networking and support.
The EVC aims to further integrate and promote entrepreneurship and venture capital activities with in the Darden community & curriculum while continuing to expand the Darden brand in the Middle-Atlantic, Charlottesville, and graduate business school community. By working toward this end, the EVC aims to assist students in achieving their entrepreneurial and venture capital goals.

Q4. How much does EVC membership cost?

That depends on whether you are a Darden student, UVA student, faculty member, or member of the community.  We have membership options for each.  Currently, lifetime EVC membership for Darden first-year students is $40.

Check out our Join EVC page for more information on membership options.

Q5. How can I join EVC?

Joining EVC is easy.  We offer memberships to Darden students, UVA students (non-Darden), UVA faculty (from all schools), and the community.  Click on our Join EVC page to see membership and payment options.  Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions

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