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EVC Membership Benefits

EVC attracts entrepreneurs and investors who are passionate about creating value through innovation and creation of new businesses. EVC members are entitled to many benefits, including:

1. Free admission to speaker events and conferences.
2. Weekly e-mail digest of entrepreneurial events across Darden, UVA, and Charlottesville.
3. Free monthly EVC lunches.
4. Inclusion in the EVC Résumé Book.
5. Invitations to Fireside Chats with entrepreneurial faculty members.
6. Networking with entrepreneurs, investors and inventors / researchers.

Membership Options

Darden Students

Lifetime membership with all the benefits.

First-Year Lifetime Membership  $40 one time
Second-Year Lifetime Membership  $25 one time 

UVA Students

Graduate and undergraduate students enjoy all membership benefits except voting in club elections.

Lifetime Membership  $50 one time
One-year Membership  $25 one time 
Annual Subscription  $25 per year


Non-student, non-faculty members of the community enjoy all membership benefits except voting in club elections.

One-year Membership  $35 one time
Annual Subscription  $35 per year 

UVA Faculty

UVA Faculty are welcome to join EVC for free!

Payment Options

The EVC Club now accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments. Subscription memberships are only available through Paypal.

We also accept membership payment by check. Checks should be made out to "EVC Club" and delivered to Ben Margolis, VP of finance. Delivery options include Ben Margolis' Darden mailbox in the mailroom and via U.S. Mail:

EVC Club
Darden School of Business
100 Darden Blvd
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Feel free to contact Owen Larkin with any questions.

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