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Venture Capital Bootcamp

An opportunity for students to learn about various aspects of the venture capital industry, interact with numerous venture capitalists from the Mid-Atlantic Region, and hear start-up business stories from past and current entrepreneurs.

Information for the VC Bootcamp to follow:

The 8th Annual Venture Bootcamp is brought to you by the EVC Club, with support from the Batten Institute and members of the Northern Virginia venture capital community. 

The Venture Bootcamp consists of a three-day workshop for students completing their first year at Darden who are interested in pursuing summer internships in venture capital and entrepreneurship, particularly in the Greater Washington area.  This program brings prospective venture capital firms and their portfolio companies together with bright, talented, and highly motivated MBA students as a first step in exploring summer opportunities through the Batten Venture Internship Program (BVIP).

The goal of the Venture Bootcamp is to provide students with a basic understanding of venturing by providing an introduction to the professional world of VCs and their portfolio companies by demonstrating how they work with entrepreneurs to create substantial, enduring ventures. The workshop highlights how firms respond to entrepreneurs who seek funding and assistance, and focuses on teaching the fundamental elements of due diligence, deal structures and terms, legal requirements, small business strategy and operations, and exit strategies from both the perspective of a venture capital firm and entrepreneur. From understanding term sheets and determining valuations to evaluating market opportunities and conducting due diligence, this course enables students to hit the ground running at the start of their summer internships.

Dates: January 5-7, 2012

Location: Reston, VA

Format: 2 days of instruction, ½ day of case competition, and lunchtime and evening networking sessions

During two days of course work, students learn the fundamental elements of the venture capital and start-up industries. Lectures and case discussions are led by experts in venture capital, law, accounting, entrepreneurship, small business operations, and human resources. Classes are intermingled with opportunities for students to network with venture firms, entrepreneurs, and local alumni. Students then have an opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned during a half-day case competition. During this competition, students are paired into teams and evaluate an investment opportunity based on an actual venture deal. Following the competition, students compare their analysis and decisions with those of the actual venture capitalists and/or entrepreneurs the case was based on.

This program is offered to a maximum of 29 University of Virginia graduate students. Applications should be submitted to Poya Daneshpour by October 31st, 2011.  Applications must include a one-page resume and a one-page cover letter addressing; a) where you think you will be in five years; b) your entrepreneurial experience and/or investment/valuation experience; and c) a paragraph on what you expect to gain from taking the Bootcamp.

Accepted students are required to submit a $100 deposit to reserve their place in the program, and any forfeited deposits will be used to supplement the awards for the winners of the case competition. See CDC posting for details.

For more information, please contact Poya Daneshpour.

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