General Management & Operations Club

For Recruiters: Why Darden GMO?

Why should a company recruit Darden students into general management programs?

Companies should recruit Darden students because of the strong general management training that our school provides. Through a rigorous application of the case-method, Darden students offer an intense work ethic, broad functional skills, and the ability to hit the ground running in a variety of corporate settings.

Darden graduates have all the tools to work in virtually any functional area of a company and are eager to practically apply the knowledge we have gained. Moreover, formal rotational programs and/or less formal opportunities for a variety of roles meet the long-term career objectives of many of our graduates.

The General Management and Operations Club provides immediate access to Darden students with explicit interest in pursing General Management career opportunities.

To obtain a copy of our club's resume book, please contact our VPs-Careers/Corporate Relations Ori Dekel

For more information on recruiting at Darden, please visit Darden Corporate Recruiting

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