Health Care Leadership Club


Local Entrepreneurship Organizations 

05Charlottesville Venture Group

The Charlottesville Venture Group was created in April 1998 to address the need for educating and promoting the Charlottesville entrepreneurial community in order to further enhance the intellectual, social, economic and human capital of our community, region and state.CVG is an ideal environment for networking and learning about the capital access needs and opportunities in the region and beyond.

Virginia Piedmont Technology Council

The Virginia Piedmont Technology Council (VPTC) was founded in 1997 to assist the Central Virginia technology-related business community by helping them connect, gain visibility and succeed. VPTC achieves its mission by providing monthly educational programs, networking events and resources to its members.

VA Bio

The Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBIO) is the 200-member statewide non-profit organization that promotes the scientific and economic impact of the life sciences industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nearly 160 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are based in Virginia, mainly clustered around universities in Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk and Northern Virginia. The biotechnology industry accounts for more than $2.5 billion annually to the state's economy.

Healthcare related Courses at Darden 

Survey of the Health Care Sector

06This course will analyze economic, financial and ethical issues in some of the major sectors of the health care industry. The primary goal of the course is to develop a framework for understanding and evaluating the trade-offs that are inherent in the health care sector, and how those tradeoffs affect strategic thinking. The framework will highlight two related and important themes: first, that economic, financial and ethical issues cannot be treated separately in analyzing health care markets, and secondly, that the various sectors of the health care industry cannot be examined separately either.

Emerging Medical Technologies

This SY elective focuses on helping students to develop an understanding of both the broad industry context as well as the specific relevant issues surrounding the start-up of new businesses in the area of emerging medical technologies, both including both biotechnology and medical devices. It is aimed at attracting a group of interested students and faculty from throughout the University who aspire to playing a role in the creation of new enterprises in that area.

The Batten Institute 

02The Batten Institute is a pre-eminent educator and thought leader of entrepreneurship and innovation located at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. The Institute provides scholars, students, and business leaders with pertinent knowledge and education through programs, publications, and applied research that have impact on the business environment of today and beyond.

The Entrepreneurship Resources page at the Batten Institute provides helpful resources for students interested in small business. One key resource is a listing of companies in the local community that are looking for student involvement ranging from project work to full-time management. Several of these companies are healthcare related and involvement provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in the healthcare industry.

The Darden Incubator

One important program of the Batten Institute is the Darden Incubator. The Darden Incubator is designed to support promising early stage business ventures involving Darden MBA students. The Incubator has two primary objectives:

  1. to foster the formation and development of start-up businesses to the point of pursuing and obtaining appropriate third party investment support, and
  2. to educate participants about the process of new venture development to improve their potential for future success.

The Darden Incubator is open to anyone within the University of Virginia community with an entrepreneurial business idea; entry is via business concept and plan competitions held annually at Darden. Once in the Incubator, each business is led by Darden students--whether as principals or as development managers--through a series of increasingly demanding criteria (called "gates") to the point of start-up or abandonment. Each gate is made operational with the help of an outside panel of experts in new venture development. Several of the current incubator companies are healthcare related businesses.

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