Health Care Leadership Club

Healthcare Club


The Darden Healthcare Club is committed to providing career search support and networking opportunities in the health care field. In addition, we aim to provide our members with various opportunities to learn more about the important issues unique to this dynamic industry.

Our Mission

  • Educate the Darden Community about the healthcare industry and current trends affecting the sector.
  • Assist Darden Healthcare Club members in developing the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their job search goals.
  • Provide networking opportunities for club members with other students, faculty and industry professionals.

About Us

The Darden Healthcare Club is a student-led and -run organization at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. The Healthcare Club is composed of a diverse group of students from the Darden School who share a common interest in all healthcare-related industries.


First Year students who want some brushing up on healthcare issues: Take a look at the quick refresher, a presentation that briefs you on drug development, blockbuster management and managed care.

Become a Member

If you are interested in healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices or life-science-focused venture capital, consulting and investment banking, membership in the Darden HCC will help you learn more about this exciting business. For membership information, contact us

Healthcare Functional Areas

Brand & Product Management

The quintessential general managers and brand and product managers act as the glue that binds a product team. They often work in matrix organizations and are concerned with project timelines, goals and coordination. A firm grasp of marketing, finance and operations is usually required.

10Business Development

Business development professionals often solicit and negotiate deals involving the licensing of potential products. In their analysis, they couple rigorous financial modeling with a scientific understanding of the business’s product or services.


Consultants to this industry can focus on sectors (e.g., pharmaceuticals, biotech) or functionalities (e.g., sales & marketing, finance) and can also be broad strategists. The roles will vary considerably depending on the focus. At minimum, expect to ramp up quickly with sector-specific knowledge for a given project.


Financial analysts provide robust support to product teams. Working with market research, they establish appropriate discount rates and estimate future cash flows for project evaluation. Analysts can also work for the investment arm of a corporation for its pension funds, and so on.

Market Research

Market researchers provide supportive analyses to other divisions of the company. Market sizing, forecasting and segmenting are fundamentals. Many departments also incorporate a substantial amount of primary research.

Supply Chain Management

Can we match supply and demand? Supply chain management seeks to ensure proper inventory management and coordination with production to meet drug demand. Other functions include streamlining therapeutic distribution and management in hospitals.


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