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IBS Constitution


The International Business Society is an organization with the aim to bring people of multicultural backgrounds together to share their diverse experiences to grow personally, academically, and professionally. The IBS will actively support the University's efforts in admissions, placement, education and social outlets with a focus on international business issues.


The International Business Society provides an instrument for students from all cultures to make an impact on increasing the awareness and sensitivity of the University community regarding international culture and business issues. It is the aim of the organization to support individuals with specific concerns and goals for improvements in the community. The club will encourage such individuals to take the leadership of their ideas and support them within the framework of the society's overall mission.


The IBS is designed primarily for the students, faculty, staff and partners of The Darden School and is also open to all members of University and Charlottesville communities. Members will be charged an annual membership to be determined by the Executive Committee and utilized to support the activities of the organization.

An executive committee consisting of a President, Treasurer, and five general Executive Committee Members will guide the Society. Elections will be held twice yearly. In the spring the offices of President, Treasurer and three of the Executive Committee Members will be determined. The winning candidates will receive the highest number of votes. In the case of a tie, a runoff will be held among the tied candidates. The term of these officers will be one full year. The remaining two general Executive Member will be determined in a similar fashion in the fall and will have a term ending at the subsequent spring election. First Year students only will be eligible for these two positions with the aim of providing them with early leadership experience and increase the continuity of the Society. In addition, the club will maintain two faculty advisors.

In the event of the resignation of the president before the end of his/her term an election for the post will be held as soon as possible among all members of the IBS. In the event of the resignation of an executive committee member other than the president, the person who received the next highest number of votes in the previous applicable election will be invited to assume the post by the president. Should the executive committee choose to deviate from this procedure, a majority confirmation by the membership is required. If the election for the presidential post is won by another executive committee member. The IBS will regular general meetings which will be actively advertised to the membership. The organization should hold at least three general meetings per semester, the timing of which will be determined by the Executive Committee.

The President is responsible for the coordination of club activities, presidency of the Executive Committee, and liaison with the University community.

The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the financial resources of the Society and provide monthly reports of the financial status of the organization to the Executive Committee. The Society will maintain a bank account and the President and Treasurer only will have check writing and depositing privileges. All expenses must be documented and appropriate records retained in the Society files.

General Executive Committee Members will each take leadership of one key area of responsibility based upon current club needs. An example from the current Society is Career Services function.

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