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International Food Festival 2013 Q&A

How do I sign up to cook or perform at the Festival?

Please fill out this form by September 20, 2013. The link to the 2013 Team Signup sheet has been provided on our official email communications. You can contact Prajakta Damle or Saumya Chaturvedi for additional assistance.


How do I join existing teams?

You can connect directly with the teams. Use the above form for reference. After 9/20, the IFF organizers will hold a kick-off meeting for all the teams that signed up. You will be able to connect with team leaders at this meeting.

What do teams need to provide?

• Information on number of hot & cold dishes and quantities

• Details on your performances (dance, costume, short explanation)

• Minimum three MP3 files native to your country to be played during the Festival

• Commitment to check wristbands before serving food to guests

• Commitment to gather trash and help us collect equipment after the Festival

• Receipts for food items only(!) for reimbursement


What is available to teams?

• Up to $200 in food costs reimbursed to each team

• Catering equipment including: a grill, tables, tablecloths, plastic plates, cups, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, cups, aluminum trays, tray stands, burners, etc.

• Sodas and beer

• Two free tickets per team

• Plastic garbage bags for clean-up

• Prizes for Best Overall food taste and presentation, performance and attire


How are prize winners determined?

Festival day: Evaluation by a Faculty and Staff Judges Panel

Following day: Student voting



Prajakta Damle (DamleP14) or Saumya Chaturvedi (ChaturvediS14)

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