International Business Society

Membership Information

Why Join? 

Join members of the Darden Community who share a passion for international business issues and a desire to learn about other cultures.

Being a part of this club will give you access to:

  1. Admission to all international business speakers
  2. Invitations to and/or discounts at all social events organized by the IBS
  3. One-on-one sessions with Second Years for internship preparation

Membership Options 

Remember, becoming a member of LASA, DABO, ESAD, DSAS or ABCD automatically makes you a member of the IBS.

If you would like to become a member of the IBS only, you can choose from among the following options:

  • one-year membership ($10)
  • two-year membership ($20)

Online: You can pay online. 

By check: If you do not want to use the online payment method, we also accept membership payment by check. Checks should be made out to "IBS" and delivered to Baoluo Cheng, VP of finance. Please deliver your check to Baoluo's mailbox. Feel free to contact him with any questions about membership.

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