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Interview Admission Tips

IMG_0048.jpgIf you are thinking on scheduling a trip to Business Schools, you should not left Charlottesville out of your plan. If you are not thinking on scheduling a trip to Business Schools, then you should be thinking about it. You will spend two years in a learning environment, you better be wise and take a look on how the place, the school and students are like before going.

First, let’s address what probably might be your key concerns (see below).

We wish you the best of luck in your admissions process!

Should I go to Charlottesville to Interview? 

  • Highly Recommendable
  • Learning experience in Darden is unique. Visit a class, ask questions to students, live the Darden experience for some hours.
  • Case Method demands strong communication and personal skills. Prove that you have the skills to succeed at business and at Darden.
  • Meet students. Community bonds in Darden are strong. You will have access to people from different backgrounds, interests and origins.

How do you prepare for a class visit? 

  • Schedule your class visit and interview through the admissions website. You will be assigned a host, who will pick you up in Admissions Office. Your host will take you to a short tour around and will introduce you to her/his class.
  • Be open and wise: How do you like what you see?, how do you like the class?, how do you like the case method?, what is the energy like in the classroom?. Do you truly see yourself in this classroom?, remember, Darden is not for everyone!
  • Let us know that you are coming. Even when you will already have a host, it would be better that you can meet with people from LASA. Contact your country rep or our admissions officer and let them know that you are coming.

How do you prepare for an interview? 

  • This is not a comprehensive list but only some suggestions on what you should expect when coming to Darden.
  • Learn what makes Darden such a unique place. Be prepared to show excitement about an MBA at Darden.
  • Be prepared to show you are unique and that you will enhance the learning experience of your classmates.
  • Relax and be yourself. The interview is about you, what you have done, your skills, your plans and goals.

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