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To request the Marketing Club at Darden Resume Book please send an email to Jennifer Souers.  Resume books are typically provided within 7 calendar days.

The Darden Marketing Program

Marketing classes at Darden combine a general management perspective on marketing with a clear and unrelenting focus on decision-making. Classes at Darden favor cases that are snapshot of business reality not sanitized constructions to illustrate the instructors' favorite theories. Darden classes are heavy on analysis; instructors insist that the analysis be brought to a conclusion and recommendation. Students must learn to defend their decisions in the rough-and-tumble, give-and-take of in-class discussion. Instructors are more often engaged in questioning and probing than lecturing and explaining.

Graduates from the Darden program are capable of functioning effectively in a wide variety of organizational and market environments. Students have learned to probe, search for relevant facts, and piece together a creative solution. Over the course of their studies at Darden, students have faced hundreds of new case situations, have grappled with the competitive dynamics and differences of many industries, and have seen a full range of marketing problems and issues. The Darden difference prepares them well for the world of business upon graduation.

Darden instructors are experienced teachers and enjoy their profession of teaching. However, they also enjoy consulting and research. The design of their courses reflects sound theory, leading-edge business practices, and a feeling for what works in the classroom. Darden faculty care about students without pampering them.  They respect student capabilities and strive to help students reach their full potential.  Many courses at Darden are taught or co-taught by instructors with significant senior management experience.

The First Year Marketing course covers a broad array of marketing topics and concepts that are found across a diverse number of industries and business contexts. One of the goals of the first year curriculum is to expose students to state-of-the-art thinking in marketing through cases that reflect the full set of business sectors across different cultures and managerial problems. The first year is build around case pedagogy, exercises, and a number of simulations. In the Second Year Darden students can choose among a number of electives.

Listed below is a sampling of the electives available in the second year. For details of current second year marketing courses please visit the Marketing Curriculum Elective Area page.

Consumer Marketing, with a focus on the building brands, managing distribution channels, formulating strategically and tactically sound pricing strategies, budgeting to balance push and pull market forces, as well as respecting profit requirements and sustainability.

Advertising Management provides students with a mix of cases and exercises in marketing communications. Topics include setting objectives for marketing communications, positioning, writing a copy brief, formulating copy strategy, copy testing, media planning, budgeting, and integrated marketing communications.

Business-to-Business Marketing addresses problems and issues facing companies that market to other companies. Special emphasis is given to go-to-market strategies and the implementation of marketing strategies. The goal of the course is to appreciate the complexities of the marking planning process and need to build strategies that are implementable and that bring value to the marketplace.

Marketing Research exposes students to current topics in marketing research and through cases and other exercises have the students use the different techniques to solve problems. In this manner, the various techniques are not taught in the abstract but are used in the process of making managerial decisions.

Marketing Strategy is capstone course that builds on and extends the basic tools and techniques of the first year course and addresses the building of comprehensive marketing strategies.
Consumer Psychology is focused on the consumer decision marketing process and merges contemporary consumer psychology with managerial action and decision-making. Understanding how consumers search for, process, and use marketing information allows managers to create better and more targeted marketing programs and campaigns. 


The Marketing Club at Darden invites your company to actively participate in one of the most visible and active organizations at Darden.  We offer the opportunity to underwrite the major contributions of the Marketing Club to the Darden community:

Your sponsorship for one or more of these initiatives and events will be used to defray the costs for the event and promote your visibility at Darden.

We also invite you to become a general Marketing Club sponsor.  General sponsorship ensures your name at all Marketing Club events; contributions are allocated to the club's general funds to pay for club activities.

For a copy of our full Sponsorship Brochure, please contact Meghan Guinee.

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