Net Impact at Darden

Past Events

2011-2012 Academic Year

Review past events from the 2011-2012 school year.


SY Internship Panel – How do I find a great internship related to Net Impact?

When: 6 September, 5-6pm

Where: Classroom 150


Darden Farmer's Market

When: 8 September, 4:30-6:30pm;  22 September, 4-6pm

Where: Flagler Courtyard


DBPs Focused on Sustainability Interest Meeting

When: 19 September, 1:30-2:30pm 

Where: Classroom 170 

For SY or FY students interested in a Darden Business Project (DBP) focused on sustainability-related issues, this interest meeting shared what students have done in the past and presented opportunities that have already been identified by students and professors as potential projects for the upcoming year.


Main Grounds Social Entrepreneurship Events

1. Social Venture Idea Lab - Students brought their own social venture idea or teamed up to develop a new one, building toward a concept for the UVA Cup Social Entrepreneurship Track or the next Grameen Bank. Students had the chance to hear feedback from Ben Powell, leading social entrepreneur, Top 40 under 40 International Development Leader and Ashoka Fellow.

28 September, 6pm - Rouss/Robertson Hall (Commerce School) 258

2. Flash Seminar – “People-Powered Capitalism: How Crowdfunding Could Revolutionize Development”

Discussed crowdfunding, impact investing and the future of development with Ben Powell, leading social entrepreneur, Top 40 under 40 International Development Leader and Ashoka Fellow. Ben and Agora Partnerships accelerate "impact entrepreneurs" in Central America who are focused on people, profit, and the planet.

28 September, 4pm – Rouss/Robertson Hall (Commerce School) 258

3. Ashoka Fellow in Residence Capstone Event – Everyone A Changemaker
Heard Ashoka Fellow Ben Powell discuss impact entrepreneurs in Central America, people-powered capitalism, and impact investing. This interactive event brought the UVA community around social entrepreneurship together.

29 September, 5pm – Rouss/Robertson Hall (Commerce School) 258

4. Social Entrepreneurship Reception
Immediately following the capstone event, community members joined SEED, Ben Powell, and everyone interested in social entrepreneurship at UVA for an evening of networking, idea generation, and conversation. 

29 September immediately following the Capstone Event – Garden V


Thursday Night Net Impact Dinner

When: 29 September, 7-9pm

Students interested in learning more about second years in Net Impact and the diverse initiatives that the organization focused on this year joined the Net Impact Leadership team for a Pot-luck dinner and filled up on food before heading to TNDC!

Bennett Graham, our VP of Marketing & Communication, hosted and students also had the opportunity to meet second years Julia Abell, President of Net Impact; Emily Fogelberg, Vice President of Careers; Matt Gers, Vice President of Finance; Brooke Lloyd, Vice President of Networking; and more!


COO World Bicycle Relief Presentation

When: 12 October, 3pm

Where: Classroom 120

Students joined Mike Kollins, COO of World Bicycle Relief (WBR), for a facilitated discussion about his experiences at WBR, a discussion about creating and maintaining a Social Enterprise, and his thoughts on the non-traditional business career. The conversation was moderated by our own Professors Greg Fairchild and Philippe Sommer.


Building an Ethical World Video Contest: Create, Share, Inspire

On October 17, 2011, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics is launched a video contest for college students from around the globe. The Building an Ethical World Video Contest: Create, Share, Inspire encouraged students to share their visions for improving the world.

The purpose of the contest was to:

  • Discover the ethical issues today’s college students find most compelling and deserving of attention.
  • Provide a public forum for teams of one to six students to share their vision for building a more ethical world. Shared visions have the potential to lead to real transformation in our society.

Final submissions were due by April 16, 2012.

Prize Information:
Judges awarded prizes as follows:

  • Grand prize winner receives a total of US$3,000;
  • Second place winner receives US$2,000;
  • Third place winner receives US$1,000.

For more information please see the Olsson Center:


UVA Cup: Social Entrepreneurship Track

When: 19 October, 5:30pm

Where: Rouss/Robertson Halls 403 (Commerce School)

Info Session & Team Building Opportunity

Students developed ideas for business into a three-page concept by themselves or with an interdisciplinary team for a chance at the $20,000 top prize in the University-wide UVA Cup, UVA's entrepreneurial concept competition!

The Social Entrepreneurship Track was for high-impact, long-term solutions for a better world. Each venture submitted to the Social Entrepreneurship track had a social goal or goals as a part of its core mission. Submissions to this category were judged primarily on their potential for social impact.

The Social Entrepreneurship track was open to all UVA students, regardless of school.



When: 21 October, 3-5pm


This was intended to assist those who are applying to mission-driven careers or those who came from mission-driven careers and needed to translate their resumes into traditional MBA language.


Net Impact National Conference

When: 28-29 October 

Where: Portland, OR

What: Check out this awesome promo video featuring our very own Kendall Jennings and William Gordon  


Citigroup, VP of CSR Event

When: 2 November, 3-4pm

Where: Classroom 50

Val Smith, VP of Corporate Sustainability at Citigroup, spoke on her role in sustainability at a major corporation. This event was co-sponsored by the Finance Club.

Val Smith is Vice President of Corporate Sustainability for Citigroup. She has been with Citigroup since 2004 and is responsible for developing sustainability initiatives and strategies in partnership with the businesses; tracking environmental issues and providing advice; engaging with SRI and NGO stakeholders; leading development of Citi's human rights strategy; and helping to develop the reporting strategy for Citi’s sustainability performance. Val earned her MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise from UNC-Chapel Hill, and her BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia. Val has also worked for several environmental organizations, including the Houston Advanced Research Center, National Audubon Society, and the Brainerd Foundation. She spent two years with the Peace Corps in Honduras as an Environmental Specialist. Val lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two sons.


2011 Entrepreneurship Conference

When: 3 November, 4-9pm, 4 November, 8am-7pm

Where: Abbott Center Auditorium, Classroom 50 and the i.Lab at the Darden School of Businesses

Of particular interest were the clean tech panels at the E – Conference this November.

What: 2011 Annual Entrepreneurship Conference and Darden Concept Competition


Haven’t Been to Charlottesville’s City Market?

In advance of an Iron Chef competition, Net Impact and WACC carpooled to the City Market by the Downtown Mall on Saturday November 5th.


Facutly Lunch Series - Tim Kraft

When: 7 November, 1:30pm

Where: Classroom 170

Limit: 20 students

Twenty students joined Net Impact for our 1st Faculty Lunch with Operations Professor Tim Kraft. Professor Kraft spoke with a small group of Net Impacters about his work in the field of operations and green supply chain. Lunch was provided.


Entrepreneur as Change Agent

Second Years:The Tayloe Murphy Center invited interested students to an informational lunch on November 8 from 1:30 – 2:30 in Room 150. During this session, second years were provided with an overview of the Tayloe Murphy Center’s initiatives for student involvement, and an overview of the two sections of Entrepreneur As Change Agent (GBUS 8427A and B).

Entrepreneur As Change Agent is taught as intensive one-week courses outside of Charlottesville, in Washington, DC (GBUS 8427A), and New Orleans, LA (GBUS 8427B). The courses are supported by the Tayloe Murphy Center and the Batten Institute. In this session, information was provided on the course schedules, guest speakers, and deliverables.


UVA Cup Social Entrepreneurship Concept Presentations

When: 10 November, 5pm

Where: Rouss/Robertson 221 (Commerce School)

Community members came to see the first ever UVA Cup Social Entrepreneurship Concept competition to watch the finalists. Each group gave short presentation and then opened up to questions from the judges (3 McIntire and Darden alumni currently engaging in social entrepreneurship) and the audience. The winning group advanced to the UVA Cup final for a chance at the top prize of $20,000.

PowerSole - "A shoe that generates power through kinetic energy to fully charge essential electronic devices such as phones, and LED flashlights."
Joe Linzon, College of Arts & Sciences 2015

M&A Research and Investment Firm - "A Steady Guide on Your African Business Ad-Venture"
Mackens Audena, Darden 2012

One2One - "One energy bar on a mission"
Veneka Chagwedera, Darden 2013

PureMadi - "Building water filters that are simple, effective, and affordable from local materials"
Interdisciplinary team from 5 of the University's graduate and undergraduate schools (Layton Hill, Bennett Graham, Molly Tyeryar, Sydney Schrider, Caroline Hackett, Theresa Hackett, David Harsh, Lydia Abebe, and Rachel Schmidt).

Venture Thermal - "Developing sustainable water systems in tandem with local and international markets."
Joe Lloyd, Architecture 2012
Taylor Scott, Architecture 2012

Charlottesville CSF - "A community-supported fishery that provides Charlottesville with healthy, locally-grown fish, supports small-scale farmers, and works to protect inland water resources."
Jack Cochran, Graduate Architecture 2013
Doug Dickerson, Graduate Architecture 2012

Winery Visit

When: 13 November

Students in Net Impact and the Energy Club toured Cooper Vineyards, the first LEED Platinum certified winery on the east coast! Some other details:

  • Box lunches were provided by the winery (for $13/person).
  • The jazz band Emme St. James performed from noon-4pm.
  • We provided mass transportation option that left Darden at 10:30 and returns by 3:30 (for about $20/person).
  • Actual time at the winery was from 11:30-2:30.
  • The owner will be gave us a tour of the winery and the special elements that make it LEED Platinum certified.


EDF Climate Corps Internship Briefing

When: November 15, 2:30-3:30pm

Where: Classroom 150

Climate Corps is Environmental Defense Fund’s innovative summer fellowship program that places MBA students in companies, cities and universities to build the business case for energy efficiency. EDF provides specialized training to students selected for the program. Then, over the course of 10-12 weeks, the Climate Corps fellows work with their host organization to identify, analyze or implement energy efficiency solutions and share those results with EDF in the form of a written report and financial model. Applications due January 11, 2012.


Cover Letter Mania

When: 16 November, 1:30-3:30 pm


First year students had second year students give realtime feedback on cover letters.


Net Impact Case Competition

 When: 3 December, 2011

Last year Darden’s team (Katherine Brownson, Sara Hester, Julia Abell, and Bianca Vanin) made it to the final round! There were no restrictions on the number of teams, so as many people who wanted could participate.  The event was sponsored by Encana, with the topic of Natural Gas.  The virtual round was December 3, 2011, while the final round was held February 17-18, 2012 in Boulder, CO.


Sustainability Trivia at First Coffee

When: 25 January

First Coffee was sponsored by Net Impact.  Students were encouraged to bring reusable mugs.

Students formed teams of up to 3 members of each section to answer ten questions related to five topics: History of Sustainability in the U.S., Recycling Practices, Water Usage, Energy Usage, and Sustainability at Darden. Coffee and breakfast was sponsored by Net Impact and the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS).


Cleantech Challenge

When: 29 January

Students were encouraged to participate in the CleanTech Challenge.  It is an annual global student business plan competition, hosted by London Business School and University College London.  The first stage of the competition was due on Sunday, January 29th and required 200 words about a business idea that could have a significant environmental impact. 


Darden Non-Profit Internship Fund Informational Session for First Years

When: 31 January, 1:30-2:30pm

Where: Classroom 120

First years interested in an internship with a non-profit, or in the public sector came to learn about the Darden Non-Profit Internship Fund (DNIF). 
Read about general information on the DNIF.


Darden Business in Society Conference

When: 2-3 February

The Darden Business in Society Conference is an annual event co-organized by the student-led Net Impact, Energy, Business & Public Policy, and Education Clubs, with support from the Initiative for Business in Society.  This year’s theme of “Sustainability and Innovation” explored how leaders are using business principles to develop innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Thursday, February 2, 2012:
1:30pm – 2:30pm in Classroom 50
Martha Johnson, Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration

Friday, February 3, 2012:
8:30am – 9:45am TRACK 1: Energy Efficiency (Classroom 180)
8:30am – 9:45am TRACK 2: Social Entrepreneurship (Classroom 190)
10:00am – 11:15am TRACK 1: Clean Energy Policy (Classroom 180)
10:00am – 11:15am TRACK 2: International Development (Classroom 190)
11:30am– 12:45pm TRACK 1: Renewable Energy Financing (Classroom 180)
11:30am– 12:45pm TRACK 2: Technology: New Tools to Enact Education Reform (Classroom 190)
2:30pm – 3:45 pm TRACK 1: Corporate Sustainability (Classroom 180)
2:30pm – 3:45 pm TRACK 2: Innovation and Transformation in Government (Classroom 190)
4:00pm – 5:15pm TRACK 1: Green Supply Chains (Classroom 180)
4:00pm – 5:15pm TRACK 2: Entrepreneurship in Education (Classroom 190)

CLOSING RECEPTION 5:30pm – 7:00pm in the Piano Room


Q&A with Southern Company CEO

When: 7 February, 9:30am

Thomas Fanning, Chairman, President and CEO of Southern Company, was at Darden to participate in the Leadership Speaker Series.  Mr. Fanning held a Q&A session for members of the Energy and Net Impact Clubs in the piano room during First Coffee. 

Net Impact Leadership Networking Night

When: 15 February, 9-10pm

Students came to a wine and dessert party to chat with the Net Impact leadership team and just simply to hang out.


Virginia Alliance for a Clearner Environment

When: 21 February, 7-8pm

Where: Clark 102

Students interested in joining a statewide coalition of university leaders committed to environmental justice were invited to an information session to discuss how to bring Virginia Alliance for a Cleaner Environment (VACE) to UVa.


Lunch with Egyptian Investor

When: 27 February, 1:30pm

Students signed up for lunch with Moustapha Sarhank, honorary chairman of the Sarhank Group for Investment.  Mr. Sarhank has spent much of his career considering business ethics in the Middle East while also putting them into practice.  In his spare time, he was at one time a heavyweight boxer and is now the proud owner of a Harley Davidson.  


Go-To-Market in Africa Challenge

When: 2 March

, sponsored by DABO. Deadline is March 2

Sponsored by DABO, this Challenge was a great way to get your feet wet if you have any plans of starting a venture in Africa, or anywhere else in the developing world. Participants work with a small team of like-minded people over the year to conceptualize and bring to market a business idea that both contributes to solving a key development challenge and makes money.

To apply, students provided an executive summary of themselves, a description of their area of expertise/interest, and a business idea.  The application deadline was March 2 and was open to all students, partners, alumni and Charlottesville community members.

Sustainable Ways to Community Prosperity

When: 29 March, 9am-5pm

Interested members came to listen, learn and exchange ideas about sustainable ways to:
• Reduce our dependence on foreign oil;
• Increase our energy and national security;
• Reduce the levels of damaging greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere;
• Create jobs!

The event included a keynote from the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and representatives from Denmark, Germany, and the City of Charlottesville.


Darden Innovation Workshop

 When:  13 April, 9am-1pm

Where: Darden i-Lab

A live case study of company creation and business model innovation.  As part of a two part workshop, participants first examined a company's founding and worked to create their story. As the second part of the workshop participants learned real-world examples of successful business models, and started practicing business model innovation during breakout sessions.

As part of the workshop, participants:
• Understood what it is that creates businesses and concepts.
• Understood what makes a good story and to whom.
• Created a story of their own using their understanding of a specific company founding, using the story telling process.
• Understood why business model thinking is important today and how it goes beyond mere product innovation.
• Understood a systematic approach to business model development.
• Discussed several examples of successful business models and were able to use the tool for their own entrepreneurial and academic endeavors. 

Earth Week

 Throughout the week, Darden students were encouraged to participate in a series of events.

17 April

Net Impact sponsored First Coffee and focused on educating the community on the sustainability at Darden.

18 April
Panel:  A Global Take on Earth Week
(co-sponsored by IBS)

Screened “Carbon Nation” a film about the business opportunities surrounding climate change.
19 April
Darden invited vendors for a farmer’s market.

21 April
Hiked to celebrate Earth Day, co-sponsored by the Outdoors Club.

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