Darden Nonprofit Internship Fund


Who applies to DNIF and why?

  • Students interested in applying their business skills to their local and global community.
  • Students who wish to explore a potential career in the nonprofit or public sector.
  • Students who see the DNIF as a way to support a long-term goal of working for nonprofit organizations.

Who contributes to DNIF and why?

  • First Year students working in for-profit summer internships are encouraged to pledge a portion of their summer earnings to fund the DNIF program, which is entirely student-supported.
  • Contributors play a fundamental role in helping Darden students contribute their business skills to nonprofit organizations.

I'd like to contribute. How much do you suggest?

  • Pledge forms are available in the Office of Student Affairs. DNIF's primary fundraising goal is to maximize student participation, so please contribute only at a level at which you feel comfortable. Two percent of your summer salary is a good benchmark, because it generally corresponds to one day of your summer salary.

It's the end of the school year, and I don't have any money. If I do pledge, when can I make my contribution?

  • Actual contributions will not be collected until early September. Since everyone's budget has been stretched thin by the end of the spring semester, only your pledge to DNIF needs to be made at this time.

Does DNIF create a salary that is comparable to one for a for-profit internship?

  • No. DNIF awards eligible applicants an amount that will help cover summer living expenses. The DNIF Committee reviews each application and, after deducting compensation provided by the student's host organization, awards eligible application an amount that will help cover summer living expenses. The exact amount awarded to each student will depend on the sum raised and the total number of applicants.

Do DNIF applicants work for nonprofits for free?

  • No. In order to be eligible to receive DNIF funding, each applicant must receive some degree of compensation from his or her host organization. This helps ensure that the sponsoring nonprofit organization has a vested interest in having MBA talent for the summer.

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