Outdoors Club at Darden


Meet the Officers of the Darden Outdoors Club!


Andy Douglass

Nickname: Cap'n
FY Section: C (Go Green!)
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!)
Intended Industry: Investment Banking
Favorite OC Trip: Ski Trip - All of them
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing
Most Extreme Sport: Bungee jumping in Africa (Which I've done once, but the rope snapped at the place I went a month after I was there, which makes it more extreme)
Fun Fact about me: A shark swam between my legs when I was in Australia and it was terrifying... I mean awesome, it was awesome and I wasn't scared at all

email:   DouglassA15@darden.virginia.edu

VP Finance

Alex Sharif

Nickname: Stompy
FY Section: D
Hometown: Chatham, NJ
Intended Industry: Investment Banking
Favorite OC Trip: FY Camping Trip - Flotilla UNITE! 
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Grilling
Most Extreme Sport: Also Grilling - you should see me around fire
Fun Fact about me: I have over 100 stitches in my face                                                                                                                                              

email:   SharifA15@darden.virginia.edu

VP Camping

Alex Black

Nickname: Alejandro Negro
FY Section: D!    
Hometown: Bemus Point, NY aka Center of the Universe
Intended Industry: Trophy Husband
Favorite OC Trip: A few people told me that I had too much fun at the Tuck Winter Carnival, and the Ski Trip, and the FY Camping Trip.......
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Urban Camping
Most Extreme Sport: Glamping
Fun Fact about me: I sleepwalk

email:   BlackA15@darden.virginia.edu                                                  

VP Hiking and Marketing

Fitz Vernon

Nickname: Herbie
FY Section: A   
Hometown: Denver, CO
Intended Industry: De-Bottlenecking... Yeah, it's a thing 
Favorite OC Trip:
Rafting Trip
Favorite Outdoor Activity: I have to go outdoors? Okay, probably camping.
Most Extreme Sport: IB recruiting
Fun Fact about me: After college I was employed for an entire summer as a cowboy.                           

email:   VernonG15@darden.virginia.edu

VP Ski Trips

Porter Williams

Nickname:  Bubbles
FY Section: 
Intended Industry:  Crushing It
Favorite OC Trip:  TNDSki
Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Skiing
Most Extreme Sport:  Lawn Darts
Fun Fact about me: I can fix a submarine with gum and a toothpick

email:  WilliamsD15@darden.virginia.edu

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