Club Officers

Luiz Velloso D'13

Luiz is MBA Class of 2013 and currently training for local races such as the Charlottesville Half Marathon.

He started running outside threadmills after his previous company offered running training and support in 2008.

Since then, he has run more than 50 races including 5K, 10K, 10miles, half marathons and relay races.

Luiz Run

His favorite run (above) is the relay race is A Volta à Ilha , which is around the beautiful island of Santa Catarina, Brazil, involving 8 runners and 150K track.

Jeff Smidt D'13

Jeff is MBA Class of 2013 and currently training for his first marathon, right here in Charlottesville.

In 2010, Jeff finished three New York Road Runner half-marathons, including the one below.

He enjoys the annual Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Road Race in his hometown of Andover, MA.

Jeff Brooklyn Half

Jeff grinding it out on the Coney Island boardwalk, the finish to the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, Brooklyn, NY.

Porter Thomsen D'13

Lauren Byrne D'13

Pete Vilkins D'13

Pete is MBA Class of 2013 and loves running anytime the sun is shining.  He is a perennial 5K and 10K runner who loves the social aspect of these runs.

In 2010, Pete finished three 10Ks in Southern California.  His favorite run is the 10K Nike “Run Hit Remix” in Los Angeles, which features a different “One Hit Wonder” band playing at each mile (think Sir Mix A Lot, Vanilla Ice, etc).


Pete celebrating the end of his race.

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