Meetings and Events

There are usually two meetings per month, a regular Toastmaster meeting and a special topic meeting.

The Regular Toastmaster Meetings follows the standard format of Toastmaster International and offers speaking opportunities ranging from prepared speeches through evaluation.

Typical meeting roles include:

  • Toastmaster of the Day: The meeting emcee is responsible for the flow and time management through the various parts of the meeting.  Often the Toastmaster of the Day does this through a theme that ties the roles together.
  • Word/Thought/Joke of the Day: The Word/Jokemaster educates or entertains the group by challenging speakers to incorporate a particular word in their speeches or shares a thought or joke to set the fun and supportive tone of the meeting.
  • Table Topics Master: This person challenges members to practice thinking on the fly by asking some funny/interesting questions which an individual member must answer without preparation.
  • Prepared Speeches: Prepared speeches are chosen from the Competent Communicator Manual or from various Advanced Communicator manuals and are normally 5-7 minutes.  Prepared speeches challenge the speaker to practice a specific aspect of public speaking which could range from using props to varying vocal delivery to inspiring the audience.
  • General Evaluator: The GE evaluates the meeting as a whole as well as the Speech Evaluators, Ah-Counter, and Timer.
  • Speech Evaluators: This person(s) critiques the prepared speeches according to the requirements of the speech assignment, content, and speaking style.  Feedback is an important part of improvement!
  • Ah-Counter/Grammarian: Noting any word or sound used as a crutch, the Ah-Counter helps raise individual speakers’ awareness  of the use of and, well, but, so and you know as well as sounds like ah, um or er
  • Timer: The Timer is responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and speaker (a timing sheet will be provided).

A Special Topic Meeting targets members’ needs as they relate to the Darden experiece, for example, a class participation workshop, mock interview practice, and joint event with other clubs.  

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