UVA Honor Code

Honor CodeFounded in 1842, the Honor System is one of the University of Virginia’s most cherished institutions. Based on the principle that University students want to be trusted, the Honor System helps create and strengthen a schoolwide community of trust by requiring all students to pledge not to lie, cheat or steal.

Students who enroll at the University benefit from the freedom and security provided by the Honor System; every student must agree to live by and support the spirit of honor. Applicants who are not prepared to embrace this freedom and accept this responsibility should not apply for admission. If you have further questions, please visit the Honor Committee website. The background and operation of the Honor System are fully explained during Darden Orientation.

In the following video, Bryan West, Class of 2012 and Vice President of Honor for the Darden Student Association, talks about the University of Virginia Honor Code and how it affects life as a business school student: 

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