Student-Initiated Farmers Market at DardenThere is growing acceptance that business can play a constructive role in addressing global issues of environmental sustainability. Today, entrepreneurs and innovators working within established enterprises are dedicating themselves to discovering market-driven solutions for some of the world's most pressing problems, including pollution, water quality and waste.

While Darden has been integrating sustainability into the curriculum for decades, Dean Robert F. Bruner’s goal for the School to become a zero waste, zero carbon enterprise by 2020 and a top ten school for teaching and research on sustainability by 2013 has propelled the School forward in a variety of ways.

We think about sustainability in terms of How We Live and How We Learn, knowing that we best teach about sustainability when we incorporate such practices into the School’s strategy and operations. Darden students have initiated many actions related to achieving our goals, including organizing the annual Sustainability and Renewable Energy Forum, creating the Rotunda Fund — a fund managed by Darden Capital Management that utilizes a sustainability investment strategy to achieve long-term financial returns — and starting a local farmers market at Darden in the spring and fall.

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Video: MBA Careers for Change

In the following video, students and faculty discuss Darden's approach to teaching about sustainability challenges and opportunities. Students also share their experiences from their summer MBA internships in sustainability consulting, education, energy optimization and corporate innovation:

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