Kindle Section Gets Started


Today was a special day for the 62 First Year students in Section D of the full time MBA program at the Darden School of Business. The students received their own Kindle DX wireless electronic readers this morning. The group was randomly selected from the full time program’s five sections to participate in the Amazon DX pilot education program.  

Each new Kindle arrived in a cool blue leather jacket that includes the school’s name and logo. The students opened the boxes, plugged in, and logged on in Classroom 150. Many quickly turned to the tutorial and began examining the features of the Kindle DX.

Darden is one of just seven colleges and universities in the United States to take part in the pilot. The participating students will use their Kindles throughout the school year to access case studies, textbooks, newspapers, and other learning materials.

“When I found out I was going to be a part of the pilot, I was excited,” said First Year Student Ted Cavan as he examined his Kindle DX. “After working with the Kindle for a few minutes, I can see why everyone is excited.”

Darden leaders have said the pilot program is a perfect fit for the School’s sustainability initiative, one that states Darden will be a zero-waste, zero-carbon enterprise by 2020. Many students are committed to the initiative as well.

“I came to Darden to learn how to help companies and institutions become green so I was pleased to hear that Darden was participating in the Kindle project,” said Cavan.

Kindle DX training for the students in Section D will take place Thursday afternoon. The program will be taught by representatives from Amazon and Darden. Classes begin next week.

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