Outstanding Students Recognized


The Darden School of Business Community gathered this morning as the faculty honored the School’s top students.

In all, 18 students were recognized in the ceremony held this morning in Flagler Court.

The Samuel Forest Hyde Memorial Fellowship, Darden’s most prestigious award, was presented to Second Year Student Kurt P. Miceli.

“The award is presented to the student who has contributed the most to the welfare of the School during his or her first year and, by personality and devotion to the objectives of the School, shows the greatest promise of achieving a useful career,” said Prof. Robert Spekman as he addressed the hundreds in attendance.

Fifteen Second Year Students were named William Michael Shermet Award-winners. Associate Dean Robert Carraway explained the Award to the audience.
“Each year the faculty shall give the Award to the student or students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the First Year Program and who by their determination and constructive attitude and service have provided an example of responsible competitive spirit for their classmates,” said Carraway.

The winners of the 2009 William Michael Shermet Award include:
Aujang Sadaghyani Abadi, Joshua Adam Burke, Tyler Carbone, James Carr, Gokul Chandrasekaran, Steven Richard Eklund
Michael Edward Freed, Leif Vincent Glynn, Jenifer M. Guimond, Michael Edward Kochan, Ramon Iglesias Lamas, Kurt P. Miceli, Michael David Ritzer, Daniel Schmitz, and Tremain Eric Wheatley

In addition, the C. Stewart Sheppard Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dafina Lovelace. The Award was established by the Darden School Foundation to recognize students for exceptional service of a non academic nature to Darden or the University of Virgnia.

TheClass of 1987 G. Robert Strauss, Jr. Marketing Award was presented to Keith Dalziel by the marketing faculty of the School. The Award is given to “a student who demonstrates innovative thinking, the ability to develop unique solutions to real-world problems, flair and charisma in presenting ideas, provocative insight when challenging classmates’ viewpoints, compassion for fellow students, solid case analysis skills, and a requisite understanding of basic marketing concepts.”

All of the award recipients were congratulated by Dean Bob Bruner.

Founded in 1955, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business improves society by developing principled leaders in the world of practical affairs.

For more information, please contact: communication@darden.virginia.edu.

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