Staying Motivated and Flexible


Students in the Darden School of Business Second Year Class received advice today on how to stay motivated and focused heading into their second year of study.

Darden’s Dean Bob Bruner said after completing a successful first year of classes and an internship, a student may question the value of the second year of study.

“If you suspend the belief that you know everything you need to know, you will succeed,” Bruner told the Class of 2010 in the Abbott Auditorium. “Not just now, but for the rest of your life.”
Bruner said open mindedness can lead to success, especially in the year ahead.

“Extraordinary flexibility will be required in the next 12 months,” he said. “Flexibility really matters in economic times like these. Developing a curiosity mindset is so very important.”
Bruner discussed how many top chief executive officers have adopted the term “re-set” when speaking about business and the current economy. He said the best organizations are re-setting, re-organizing, and re-inventing.

“Last year, when you first entered Darden, I told you we were in for some economic trouble in the coming months,” Bruner told the students. “We agreed to get used to it, to get over it, and to get past it. That takes flexibility and a willingness to approach things in new ways.”

Bruner shared his best wishes with the students and told them their second year at Darden will be an important year.

“You have a lot more to learn,” he said. “I know you’ll make the best of this great opportunity.”

Classes for the Second Year Students and the new First Year Students began today.

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