New Executive Education Course "Women Emerging in Leadership"


In the ever-changing economic climate, business leaders face unprecedented leadership challenges. Forward thinking organizations look to their pools of talented managers and executives to help build stronger, truly sustainable businesses. With a focus on female executives within those talent pools, Darden Executive Education has designed the new program, “Women Emerging in Leadership.”

“Our new program provides the thought-generating ideas, samples of experiences and direct coaching feedback to let you experiment and discover who you are, and create the right model of leadership for yourself,” says David Newkirk, CEO of Darden Executive Education. “All leaders need to discover who they are, and then create a voice and a way to engage their teams. Our course provides a unique environment for female executives to develop their leadership styles, and for organizations to further strengthen their depth of potential leadership talent.” 

Those attending will be high-potential female executives with 5–10 years experience, and line- and people-management responsibilities. “The creation of this course suggests that there is still a wealth of under-leveraged talent possessed by females in the workforce,” says Darden Professor Melissa Thomas-Hunt of the Bargaining and Negotiations area, who will deliver the course with Darden Professors Erika Hayes James, a leader in crisis management and author of the soon-to-be published book Leading Under Pressure: From Surviving to Thriving, Before, During and After a Crisis, and Martin Davidson, Darden’s Chief Diversity Officer.

The program launches at Darden October 11-15, 2010, and will focus on specific behaviors that are critical in effective leadership. The goal of the program is to develop in participants the mindset and competencies necessary to transform themselves from effective executives to valuable, visionary leaders. Major themes include trust building, conflict management, creating effective networks, leading strategic change and excelling at negotiations.

“As you progress through an integrated week of full-class and small-group discussions, live business cases, experiential exercises and leadership diagnostics, you will evaluate and fine-tune your skill set and create an action plan for evolving your leadership style and enhancing your effectiveness,” says James, who serves as faculty leader of the course, which she describes in more detail in a video on Darden’s YouTube channel.

The program also combines executive wellness and presence for a holistic approach to development. Peer and faculty coaches will deliver direct feedback, and simulation exercises will provide opportunities to experience diverse leadership roles.

Founded in 1954, the Darden School of Business is a professional school that improves society by developing principled leaders in the world of practical affairs.

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