Wachovia Recognizes Cases That Energize Classrooms


A thought-provoking case makes for a captivated student. Case studies offer valuable lessons in leadership, and the Wachovia Awards for Excellence in Case Development recognize world-class cases created by Darden School of Business faculty and published by Darden Business Publishing. The cases are used in the Darden classroom and at other business schools around the world.

Bodily_Schill_Wachovia_Awards_2010-03-30.jpgThe 2010 winner of the Wachovia Case Award for “Best New Case,” announced on March 24, is “Lac Leman Festival de la Musique" by Darden Professor Samuel Bodily. The case, which illuminates concepts covered in basic decision-analysis courses, challenges students to stand in the shoes of concert organizers who face a difficult decision: If they decide to capture video from a musical festival on DVD, how many DVDs should they burn, when attendance is uncertain and rain is in the forecast? The award-winning case encourages students to make better purchasing decisions.

The award for “Best Case Over its Lifetime” was given to “Ben and Jerry’s Homemade” by Darden Professor Michael Schill, which examines asset control for the ice cream company in the face of several attractive takeover offers. Students are invited to enter the scene as outside board members to review management's performance, estimate the economic cost of its social agenda and evaluate the implications of takeover defense strategies.

“The case has energized classrooms since 2002 and proved useful to a wide variety of instructors,” said Darden Professor Luann Lynch, who presented the awards.

Over 9,000 students have analyzed “Ben and Jerry’s Homemade,” which provides a stimulating introduction to the principles of a traditional corporate finance curriculum.

Wachovia established an endowment in 1982 to fund research and case development awards at Darden. The awards recognize faculty for the creation of world-class, vibrant course materials, as well as teaching notes that inform other instructors how to make the most of the cases in the classroom.

The awards alternate each year between recognition of course materials and honoring faculty for their outstanding research.

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