Darden School Presents Annual Second Year Student Awards


A rainy morning couldn't extinguish the excitement of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business' MBA students, who gathered for Tuesday morning's First Coffee. They waited in PepsiCo Forum in Saunders Hall to watch their Second Year classmates receive awards for pioneering spirit, dedication to service, tenacity and excellence. These annual awards include the G. Robert Strauss Marketing Award, the C. Stewart Sheppard Distinguished Service Award, the William Michael Shermet Award and the Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship. 

SY Awards 3 2012Darden Professor Ron Wilcox presented the first award of the morning, the G. Robert Strauss Marketing Award. This award recognizes the student who, in his or her First Year, showed the most innovative thinking, the ability to develop unique solutions to real-world problems, flair and charisma in presenting ideas, and provocative insight when challenging classmates' viewpoints. Second Year student Cara Bunyan received the award.

The C. Stewart Sheppard Distinguished Service Award recognizes students who in the First Year provided exceptional service of a nonacademic nature to Darden or the University of Virginia. Sarah Wilcox Elliott, director of student affairs at Darden, presented the award to Second Year students Oleksandr Bogun, Blythe Crane and Anne Erdman.

Fifteen students received the William Michael Shermet Award, which recognizes students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the First Year program and, by their determination and constructive attitude and service, have also provided an example of responsible competitive spirit for their classmates. Professor Bob Conroy presented the award to the following winners: 

  • Jack BannisterSY Awards 2012
  • Alison Barnes
  • Jeffrey Campbell
  • Anne Erdman
  • Leo Hergenroeder
  • Kartik Kalliyana Krishnan
  • John Kiernan
  • Alison Mosle
  • Thomas Rapp 
  • Lucas Rogers
  • Isaac Salem
  • Joseph Benjamin Tyson 
  • Saul Waller
  • Bernard John Williams
  • Julie Young 

The last, but most prestigious award of them all, the Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship, recognizes the student who contributed the most to the welfare of the Darden School during the First Year and, by personality and devotion to the objectives of the School, showed the greatest promise of achieving a useful career. Professor Peter Rodriguez, senior associate dean for degree programs, announced Jeffrey Campbell, also the recipient of a Shermet Award, as the recipient of this honor.

Darden's Dean Bob Bruner congratulated each of the students for their accomplishments.

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