Editorial Guidelines

The Office of Communication & Marketing follows the Associated Press Stylebook and maintains "General Editorial Style Guidelines for Darden Publications and the Website." Members of the Darden Community may download a copy on the My Darden portal or by contacting us at communication@darden.virginia.edu. Following are some of the Darden-specific guidelines to follow in written communication:

  • Darden alumni: Please refer to alumni as: Bob Smith (MBA ’98).
  • Name of the School: On first reference, in formal texts, please refer to Darden as the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. On second reference, state the Darden School of Business or the Darden School. It is also acceptable to say the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration in formal documents.
  • University of Virginia: The proper abbreviation for the University of Virginia is U.Va.
  • Academic degrees: A Master of Business Administration is abbreviated as MBA. A Doctor of Philosophy degree is abbreviated as Ph.D. Use apostrophes in bachelor's degree and master's degree. Capitalize degrees when a specific degree is mentioned in running text: Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Numbers: Spell out "one" through "nine," except when used to indicate age, monetary amounts, percentages or dates. Use numerals for 10 and up. 
  • Punctuation and quotations: Quotation marks, commas and periods go inside quotation marks. Semicolons, colons and dashes go outside quotation marks. Question marks and exclamation points go inside quotation marks only when they are part of the quotation.
  • Titles: Do not capitalize titles unless they directly precede the person’s name.
     Robert F. Bruner, dean of the Darden School of Business, Dean Robert F. Bruner

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