The Darden Logo

Darden Logo  

The Darden School of Business co-brands its identity with the University of Virginia. The U.Va. logo consists of the Rotunda, patterned after the Pantheon in Rome. The 13 stars represent the stars in the original American flag to signify Thomas Jefferson's intention to create a national university. The logotype "University of Virginia Darden School of Business" is based on the typeface Caslon, originally designed in the 1700s by William Caslon. This typeface was used extensively during that time and was the typeface chosen by John Dunlop of Philadelphia when he typeset the first printed edition of Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence."

Only Darden faculty, staff and authorized student organizations may use the logo. Individual students are not permitted to use the logo, without prior permission from the Office of Communication & Marketing. Contact Communication & Marketing  for a high-resolution logo. Members of the Darden Community may access Darden logos on the My Darden portal.

Secondary Logos

In order to create a consistently branded image, the Darden logo is the only authorized logo representing any department affiliated with the School. Individual departments may not create independent logos to be used in place of or in conjunction with the Darden logo. The Centers of Excellence and student clubs are indicated by the use of a third line in the logo as shown below.

Batten Logo       Darden Club Logo







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