Media Relations FAQ

For Faculty and Staff

The Office of Communication & Marketing (C&M) staff interacts regularly with both the news media and members of the Darden Community. Activities include:

  • Press releases. We write and edit press releases about events, research and other important news from Darden. The releases are distributed to reporters and are posted on our website.
  • Tip sheets. In an effort to assist reporters in developing their stories, we create and distribute “tip sheets” to alert media of Darden faculty members with expertise on a particular topic. "Tip sheets” typically include a description of the faculty member’s background, a description of the topic and some sample quotes.
  • Field media queries. C&M receives queries from journalists who are pursuing stories on various topics. We field calls from reporters, find appropriate sources and connect them.
  • Faculty opinion pieces. C&M encourages Darden staff and faculty to write opinion pieces. We help edit the pieces and try to place them in external news outlets, including newspapers, magazines, news wires and websites.
  • Collaboration with U.Va.’s Office of Public Affairs. C&M collaborates daily with the Office of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. We suggest faculty members for U.Va.’s faculty experts database, and we suggest stories for UVA Today, which informs people about the latest University news through a daily online website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does C&M find news at Darden? 
The C&M team looks for news by building strong working relationships with faculty and staff at Darden. We also rely on individuals to contact us when they have news to share.

If I have a story that I consider newsworthy, how far ahead of time should I contact C&M for a news release?
For maximum impact, we would like to have at least two weeks’ notice so that we can conduct interviews, write a release, get approvals and tailor a media list of reporters for whom your news will have most interest. Naturally, the more lead time you can give us the better. For example, if your area is hosting a symposium or conference that you believe to be of national/international interest, please let us know as soon as it has been scheduled and any preliminary details so we can put it on our long-term planning calendar.

Should I alert C&M if I have a journal article about to be published?
Yes, if you think your work is newsworthy and will have appeal to the general reader, please contact us as soon as you receive notice that an article of yours is scheduled for publication in a journal. We routinely handle news that must remain confidential until a journal’s publication date. With sufficient lead time, we are able to develop a well-crafted press release and obtain all necessary approvals before circulating the release to relevant journalists and wire services on an embargoed basis (i.e., with express instructions that journalists cannot publish the news until the embargo is lifted, usually immediately following the publication of the journal article).

If I have expertise on a topic in the news, how do I make myself available for comment to the media?
When there is breaking news, whether in the state, the nation or the world, we alert reporters who may be covering that news about the availability of relevant faculty experts at Darden. If you would like to be presented as an expert on a newsworthy topic, please contact us.

Why should I take the time to work with media?
A news story about your research and teaching is a good way to reach a mass audience, and news stories about Darden help build support for the valuable work that is being undertaken by the faculty and the School. In addition to the mass media, news stories wind up being repurposed for use in internal publications and on our website where they reach a variety of important audiences.

I am concerned about being misquoted by reporters. What should I do?
This is a common concern shared even by those who work regularly with the media. The best way to avoid a bad experience is to prepare for the interview and to follow a few tips that C&M can provide for the interview process. Contact us if you have an interview coming up, and we will be happy to work with you on preparation.

Can C&M help me with photographic and/or video needs?
C&M maintains an image library, and images are available for a variety of purposes. The director of publications regularly adds to this collection by arranging professional photo shoots. For video, please contact Darden Media.

How can I get an event recorded and posted as a podcast?
If you have an upcoming event or speaker you would like to podcast, please contact us. If you would like to stage a vodcast, please contact Darden Media. A podcast, such as the Darden BusinessCast or The Darden GreenPod, is like an audio version of a magazine subscription. You sign up for the service, and then when new features are posted, the files will automatically download to your computer and/or portable MP3 player. A vodcast is a video version.

New Books

If you have a new book that will be published, be sure to alert us as far in advance as possible. We will include a listing of the book on the webpage The Bookshelf. Organized by author last name, the page is updated with new titles as they are received.

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