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    1. Business Standard | 31 October 2009 | India

      ISB Sets Up Indian Case Development Center

      Darden mentioned

    2. HR.com | 30 October 2009 | United States

      Money Worries: How to Ease Employees' Stress by Sarah McAdams

      Darden Professor Ron Wilcox quoted

    3. UVA Today | 29 October 2009 | United States

      Better Collaboration and Translation Fuel UVA's Innovation Engine by Brevy Cannon

      Darden Dean Robert Bruner quoted

    4. Cavalier Daily | 28 October 2009 | United States

      Study Gives Darden School High Marks by Sofia Economopoulos

      Darden’s Aspen Institute ranking featured

    5. Financial Times | 26 October 2009 | United Kingdom

      The Merits of Virtual Teaching by Della Bradshaw

      Darden Dean Robert Bruner quoted

    6. Times of India | 24 October 2009 | India

      IIM-A to Tie-Up With Three Top Varsities by Rajiv Shah

      Darden India chapter credited with driving latest tie-up

    7. Smart Money | 23 October 2009 | United States

      Do Mutual Funds Cheat on Returns? by Jack Hough

      Paper on effects of incubator funds by Darden Professor Rich Evans cited

    8. Fast Company | 22 October 2009 | United States

      5 Ways Design Thinking Can Raise the Collective IQ of Your Company by Michael Cannell

      Darden Professor Jeanne Liedtka on the National Design Week panel

    9. Forbes | 21 October 2009 | United States

      High Gold Prices Here to Stay by Michael Berry

      Article by Darden professor Michael Berry

    10. ABC Radio | 20 October 2009 | Australia

      Taking Care of Business

      Darden Professor Ed Freeman on ‘new management speak’ (last 15 minutes of interview)

    11. UVA Blog | 20 October 2009 | United States

      Darden Incubated Startup Developing Painless Eye Test for Glucose by Brevy Cannon

    12. Wall Street Journal | 20 October 2009 | United States

      Take Off the Blinders When It Comes to the Fees by Jason Zweig

      Darden Professor Ronald Wilcox quoted

    13. Business Week | 20 October 2009 | United States

      National Design Week: The Business of Design by Helen Walters

      Darden Professor Jeanne Liedtka, “business of design” panelist highlighted

    14. C-ville Weekly | 20 October 2009 | United States

      Darden Helps City to Be On Moneys List by Chiara Canzi

      CNN Money magazine named C’ville one of best places to start a business. Quotes by Darden Professor Mike Lenox, director of entrepreneurship programs, Philippe Sommer and alumnus Charles Seilheimer

    15. ABC TV | 20 October 2009 | Australia

      Professor Freeman Discusses Ethics and Profits by Ali Moore

      Darden Professor Ed Freeman interviewed

    16. Charlottesville Business Journal | 19 October 2009 | United States

      UVA Business School Among Kindle Testers

      Darden mentioned

    17. Business Week | 19 October 2009 | United States

      GMAT: The MBA Job Seeker's Best Friend by Anne VanderMey

      Darden’s director of career services, Jack Oakes, quoted

    18. Economic Times | 19 October 2009 | India

      Wannabees Aiming for the Top of the Corporate Ladder by Pallavee Dhaundiyal Panthry

    19. Cavalier Daily | 15 October 2009 | United States

      Money Magazine Names City as Top Area to Start a Small Business by Kate Colwell

      Darden and Batten cited as helpful resource for entrepreneurs

    20. Forbes | 15 October 2009 | United States

      Executive Education Fights Back by Matt Symonds

      Darden Executive Education CEO David Newkirk featured

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