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    1. drmsriram | 13 July 2014 | United States

      The New Science of Marketing by Rajkumar Venkatesan

      Darden Professor Venkatesan authors article for Bloomberg Businessweek; his book co-authored with Darden Professors Paul Farris and Ronald T. Wilcox, Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands on Learning, mentioned

    2. Beat the GMAT | 12 July 2014 | United States

      Why MBA? Seven Overlooked Reasons to Get an MBA

      Darden alumna Leslie Curry (MBA ‘04) quoted

    3. Las Vegas Sun | 10 July 2014 | United States

      Las Vegas Native Takes Over Command of Guantanamo Bay

      Darden mentioned

    4. Business Because | 10 July 2014 | United Kingdom

      A MOOC Point: Business Schools Seek to Monetize MOOCs by Seb Murray

      Peter Rodriguez, Darden senior associate dean for degree programs, and Michael Koenig, senior assistant dean for degree programs and executive director for program innovation, quoted

    5. The Cavalier Daily | 10 July 2014 | United States

      July 1 Passes, Faculty Pay Increase Delayed by Joseph Liss

      Darden mentioned

    6. Newsplex | 09 July 2014 | United States

      TEDxCharlottesville Returning to Paramount Theater

      Darden Professor Greg Fairchild mentioned

    7. Beat the GMAT | 09 July 2014 | United States

      U.Va. Darden Essay Analysis by Jeremy Shinewald

      Darden mentioned

    8. Business Because | 09 July 2014 | United Kingdom

      How New Technology and Social Media Will Affect Your MBA Application by Seb Murray

      Darden mentioned

    9. The Daily Progress | 08 July 2014 | United States

      TEDxCharlottesville Plans a Day of Big Ideas for 14 November at the Paramount; Tickets Go on Sale Friday

      Darden Professor Greg Fairchild mentioned

    10. Business Because | 08 July 2014 | United Kingdom

      Online MBA Learning Gathers Pace as Specialist Programs Go Cyber by Seb Murray

      Darden mentioned

    11. The Daily Progress | 07 July 2014 | United States

      CBJ: Report: Kroger Top Grocer by Sales and Market Share in Charlottesville Area by Nate Delesline III

      Darden Professor Elliott Weiss quoted

    12. EnergyWire | 07 July 2014 | United States

      Investor-Owned Utilities Launch Identity Campaign to Engage Public by Rod Kuckro

      Darden Professor Rajkumar Venkatesan quoted

    13. Moneylife | 07 July 2014 | India

      U.S. Companies Dropping Share Buyback Plans by William Gamble

      Gamble (TEP ‘97) authors article

    14. Poets & Quants | 05 July 2014 | United States

      How GMAT Scores Impact Starting Salaries by Jeff Schmitt

      Darden mentioned

    15. Poets & Quants | 05 July 2014 | United States

      Is Your Business School a Lamborghini or Volkswagen? by Alex Chu

      Darden mentioned

    16. NPR | 05 July 2014 | United States

      Texas Governor Testifies on Crisis in Child Immigration by Tamara Keith

      Carolyn Miles (MBA ‘88), Darden alumna and Darden Foundation Board of Trustees member, interviewed

    17. Examine | 04 July 2014 | Brazil

      Ten Free Online Courses Highly Sought After by Brazilians by Camila Pati

      Video of Darden Professor Michael Lenox’s MOOC “Foundations in Business Strategy” provided

    18. The Richmond Times-Dispatch | 04 July 2014 | United States

      Late-Night Cookie Craving: Red Eye Cookies Delivers by Athena Cao

      Philippe Sommer; director of the U.Va. i.Lab, housed at Darden, and Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership; quoted

    19. IEDP | 04 July 2014 | United Kingdom

      Thinking About Design Thinking?

      Darden Professor Jeanne Liedtka quoted and her online Executive Education course “Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving” mentioned

    20. Beat the GMAT | 03 July 2014 | United States

      The Most LGBT Friendly B-Schools by Stacy Blackman

      Darden mentioned

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