Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

Current Research Projects

Current faculty research:

  • Stakeholder value creation
  • Ethical leadership
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Stakeholder responsibility
  • Values-based leadership
  • Public trust in business
  • Ethics and sustainability

Stakeholder Theory: A brief history

For the more than three decades scholars have developed the idea that a business has stakeholders, or groups and individuals who have a stake in the success or failure of a business. Stakeholder Theory was further outlined by R. Edward Freeman in his award-winning 1984 book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach, in which he suggests that businesses build their strategy around their relationships with key stakeholders. Stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, financiers and communities are all vital to a firm’s success.

Read more on the Stakeholder Theory website.

Stakeholder Theory Conferences

  • 2006 – Thomas Jones, University of Washington Foster School of Business
  • 2008 – Jeffrey S. Harrison, University of Richmond Robins School of Business
  • 2010 – Paul Godfrey, Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business
  • 2012 – Andrew C. Wicks, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Read more about the Stakeholder Theory Conference at Darden.  

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