Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

Research and Publications

As a leading organization in the field of business ethics for more than 40 years, the Olsson Center has produced a large body of distinguished research aimed at scholars, students and business leaders. Some of these resources are listed below:


Highlighted Publication

http://www.e-elgar.co.uk/images/books/781004951.gifCo-edited by Olsson Center Senior Fellow Jared Harris, this book explores business ethics through the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Kantian Business Ethics features original essays by several distinguished scholars on the ethical dimensions of business using the Kantian-themed ethics of influential scholar Norman E. Bowie.

As one of the foundational figures in business ethics, Olsson Center Senior Fellow and University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business Professor Norman E. Bowie has argued that a Kantian moral personality is good for both employees and for business. German philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that moral requirements are based on a standard of rationality or as he coined it “Categorical Imperative.”

Professor R. Edward Freeman contributes an essay in which he argues that Bowie’s Kantian Capitalism concept is actually pragmatist in nature. The book also features essays by Olsson Center Senior Fellows Ronald F. Duska, Professor Emeritus at the American College and Darden Professor Emeritus Patricia H. Werhane.

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