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As a leading organization in the field of business ethics for more than 40 years, the Olsson Center has produced a large body of distinguished research aimed at scholars, students and business leaders. Some of these resources are listed below:


Highlighted Publication

Public Trust in Business

Public trust in business is one of the most important but least understood issues for business leaders, public officials, employees and other key stakeholders.

A new book, edited by University of Virginia Darden School of Business Professors Jared D. Harris, Brian T. Moriarty and Andrew C. Wicks, seeks to close the knowledge gap in our understanding of how public trust in business works. Public Trust in Business (Cambridge University Press, July 2014) draws on the expertise of an international array of experts from academic disciplines including business, sociology, political science and philosophy. Each chapter begins with an executive summary that identifies key lessons for managers seeking to build and maintain public trust in their companies.

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