Alumni Testimonials

 I have never worked harder in my life than my years at Darden…or enjoyed the work more.  The faculty support and encouragement we received was the envy of my friends in nearly every other doctoral program.  Ideas swarm the halls.  And the University-wide institutional support and flexibility to pursue these ideas wherever they lead is unlike any program I know.
-Robert Phillips (Ph.D. ’97) 

The Darden PhD program completely changed my life. The faculty members treated us (the doctoral students) like colleagues at all times. The learning experience was unique and deeply enriching - the seminar discussions represented some of the most stimulating intellectual debates I have ever had on the role of managers and businesses in society. My four years at Darden prepared me very well for academe and I have been very successful in my employment at two of the world's leading business schools: IESE Business School and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).
-Rama Velamuri (Ph.D. ’03) 

I didn't realize how fortunate I am to be a part of the Darden Doctoral Experience until after I finished my PhD.  The exposure to cutting-edge Business ethics scholarship is unparalleled.  The program structure allowed me to rigorously explore my research interests with the help of first-rate professors who treated me like a real colleague.  I never had a hard time approaching anyone for help or advise on an idea I wanted to develop, a paper I had a hard time writing, or a dissertation that needed to be done well.  But most importantly, the Experience travels with me wherever I go. I cannot imagine my life as a business ethicist without all the people and relationships that Darden provided me.  This has truly been one of the best decisions I made.
-Angelo Carrascoso (Ph.D.  ’ 09)

Darden's doctoral program is supportive yet challenging.  I never stopped working:  reading, thinking, and writing...and enjoying every minute.  But, it's the people in the program -- the faculty and your fellow students -- that make the difference.   Everyone associated with Darden's program is incredibly brilliant and generous in their time and attention.  Most importantly, the faculty have high expectations and give you every opportunity to meet those expectations.
-Kirsten Martin (Ph.D. ’06)

My time at Darden was a life-changing experience. The Darden doctoral student benefits from close, collegial interaction with world class faculty members set in an environment that blends the strong Jeffersonian intellectual tradition with state-of-the-art facilities. I see the world with new eyes thanks to my time here.
-Troy Harting (Ph.D. ’05) 

The doctoral program at Darden positioned me to get exactly the job I wanted and the faculty all went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. The close collaboration with faculty and encouragement to pursue your own research agenda was outstanding, and I believe it is unique. I could not think any higher of Darden's program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to not only learn to do research, but to expand their way of thinking about the world.
-Jeffrey York (Ph.D. ’09) 

The Ph.D. program at Darden literally transformed my life.  My advisors cared about me as both student and human being and left me with a far broader intellectual perspective. It is hard to imagine the path my life would have taken had I not had this experience.
-Susan Harmeling (Ph.D. ’06)

The resources made available to the doctoral students for research and conferences are outstanding, but the most exceptional aspect is the high degree of access to a dedicated and engaging faculty.
-Gordon Sollars (Ph.D. ’99) 

Quite simply, being at Darden gave me the opportunity to work with people that dramatically changed my life. Sure the institution is nice - beautiful place, very charming, lots of good energy, etc. But if you are going to spend several years of your life getting a PhD, the bottom line better be deeply personal. My experience of the Darden PhD was literally transformational. 
-Nick Dew (Ph.D. ’03) 

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