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Job Trek FAQ

Why host a job trek visit?

Students value having the opportunity to step inside corporate headquarters, visit a manufacturing facility, take a company tour and meet with members of your organization. For companies not close to Charlottesville, a job trek is a great way for students to learn firsthand about your company.

What do students want to know?

Primarily, students are interested in learning about your business/industry (e.g., basic operations, industry trends, product development) and possible opportunities for MBAs, whether full-time or internships. They appreciate the opportunity to connect with individuals working in the business and human resource/recruiting staff that might be able to speak about talent needs and recruiting opportunities. 

Who attends job treks?

Job treks are mostly attended by First Year students seeking information about specific industries, companies and possible internship opportunities. Treks are also open to Second Year students; the past few years have seen more Second Years joining job treks. A Career Development Center staff member usually accompanies students on their treks. Typically 10 to 20 students make up a job trek. Companies can put limits on the number of guests they can accommodate at any given time.

When do job treks occur?

Job trek visits typically occur during Darden School breaks (i.e., mid-December, early January), the exceptions being locations close to Charlottesville (DC-metro, Richmond, Charlotte) where day-long trips are feasible on student reading days. The Darden Week on Wall Street is scheduled for 15-19 December 2014 in New York City.

What cities do students visit on job treks?

Student job treks have been hosted across the United States and in target cities overseas. Each year, student interest dictates which cities will be visited. During the 2013–2014 school year, Darden students visited 11 cities in the United States, including Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Houston. Students have also organized international job treks to London, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

How are visits organized?

Students lead all job treks. One student is assigned to each company to be visited on the job trek. Students provide information on possible meeting times and names of attendees. Organizations decide how they want to manage the visit. Visits can be as simple as hosting students in a conference room for a quick presentation and Q&A session or as complex as giving a tour, panel presentations and/or networking sessions. There is no one formula for hosting a visit; rather it is important the session works for your team.

How can I learn more or schedule a possible visit?

While job treks are led by students, the Career Development Center works closely with them to organize visits and ensure success. For more information about possible job trek visits, please contact the following:

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